Hello, today I show you how to form this
vase, it is very easy to make and with few materials
on the globe we give three layers of paper and glue, throughout the piece we let dry
between one layer and another. We cut three cardboard circles. We hit them. here we press the bottom
And we paste the circles. The circles measure 10 centimeters.
now we cut the disposable bottle We cut him here. we remove the globe and accommodate the
center this figure where the curve we put the tape. So we hit around. the smooth part is 3 centimeters,
the 20 cm wires, the we fold this way we paste 2
centimeters, here we also paste. we give two layers of paper and glue on
The whole piece. let dry between a layer and another in the wires and in the base. we glue pieces of paper napkin
in the whole piece. fold the paper napkins in
this way, from the center to the sides. We glue the strip of paper napkin. We form this figure and paste it here. Here we turn. we glue this piece of napkin and
we continue and here we paste this way. with another paper napkin we continue, here we press these sides we do what
same here. we paste strips of paper napkin into
base. So we continue to decorate around. already dried the paper napkin and the
glue, we paint paint in cream color. the paint dries, paint in green,
you can mark the figures first and Then paint them. if you like to paint some flowers, now
We paint in gold color. paint the center in gold with the
Brush tip in brown. Once the paint dries we put the varnish. and so it is ready I hope you like it and they
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