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here is all ours, symbolizes for the step to step? then come with me! because I know you will like it very much !! away for one more step by step, I’m still one
a little hoarse but I’ll be fine soon, I was going to do it with a line tube
but I think there is a lot of Styrofoam here in home yet, I’m going to do this project
using styrofoam okay? draw here with the pen, it’s a
head like that I’m not very good at drawing but
it’s just to get an idea I’ll cut out and now I’m going to the fire
up very quickly well distant just for the steam to compact
these parts that keep dropping here on this card that will appear
now it’s the penguin video just click that you will watch how I did this
fire technique okay? in the description of this video here
below the link of this mass on this card here,
appearing now is the recipe for this dough here but you can do with
white cement you can do with mortar whatever you have there okay if I model now the dough will start to descend I’ll put
somewhere to be able to dry and tomorrow the people come back! I felt my drama here in
gambiarra, I didn’t find any to use hang, in fact to put
and then I had the idea of ​​hanging from upside down is not a bat ok!
good then tomorrow I’ll be back the little body is already dry from our
owl and now i’m going to start modeling I need to show you here the
little eyes that I made, are the eyes that follow if you don’t know how to do this
eyes here just click on the card that will appear there, this is the eye of our owl the owl looks beautiful now is the part of
foot right put the foot if you don’t want to risk it, let it dry well after you put the foot there and what is left, we tweak it on the wing
behind hi people will have to amend what
left over you need to fix something to hold the owl
not to tip over you are fixing
there to be very cute okay then when I have a little week I’ll be back. the time
it’s really rainy here but I’m trying work anyway, so here the
our owl is ready and now it’s just paint, as it is a little rough I just sanded it lightly to remove the balls and then I
I will paint it all, I wiped it here in the eye to remove excess
cement and it’s already beautiful right and now I’ll paint ok now I will pass to
resin to finish I’ll be right so that’s it my loves me
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