HELLO Hello, before a while we met our colleague! They are a company that uses PIEZOELECTRIC Science time with Sham The stronger compression on piezoelectric materials, the larger the voltage generated. stretching instead, the voltage will switch, making current flow the other way. more materials are piezoelectric than we might think. DNA, Bone, and silk. all have this ability to turn mechanical energy into electrical. It has many applications many places use passenger’s footsteps to power the electric gates and displays. piezoelectric is also responsible for rhythmic oscillations that keep watches running on time. Science time is done. This company uses piezoelectric technology to clean solar panels. I’m not going to go so deep about their technics. But they explained a lot. It was really a pleasure meeting them. We were impressed! the piezoelectric is not a new thing but they invented something new and useful. By talking about creativity and because in the past years we met people from different backgrounds, religions, countries, and cultures. and every time this amount of diversity reminds me of how lovely and beautiful to be different. because the colorful images are always more beautiful. having opposite opinions is sometimes annoying! Especially when we think our opinion is right! or maybe it’s really right… But, In this era with all these worldwide connections living in coexistence with all people would be wonderful. being honest with ourselves and believing that this kind of diversity and being different makes our communication so much fun! The world can have all of us with all of our differences. and accepting others doesn’t mean changing your own personality to fit their culture and opinion! simply talking and knowing that all our differences are superficiality things and we all share being humans! Why we should all be the same? Non- understandable talk! Why we should all be the same? this is what we hate about school wearing the same outfit studying the same boring curriculum and you have to follow the system and be another copy of the ideal student! Talking like I have suffered a lot from school! We don’t have to pass the math exam! Wait math is important! we don’t have to love math ! or pass chemistry exam! The idea is finding something we are good at and then working on our selves and creating something useful. I know it doesn’t relate that much to our topic! but its that simple. This is what makes us alive! Everyone has its occupation and job this is how we can serve each other if we were all the same, we couldn’t find others to serve us! we could have been disappeared think about it & leave a comment with your opinion if you like it please share it with others. thank you & see in the next video. Peace.