Well, we we wanted an album cover
that was going to be, just what it turned out to be, which
was a fantasy, a fantasy side with a little bit of
reality chucked in, which was to most people’s
eyes a monster drowning a priest, the priest in chains,
which is going to be a little bit controversial, of course uh good. But I wanted to do that
because I wanted people to, I wanted it to be controversial so I could explain
to them what this was all about and when they would say, why do you have
a monster killing a priest? I can always say, how do you know it’s not a priest
killing a monster? and you know in the day and age that we live
and I think my thoughts were correct, so you know, in the whole purpose of all that imagery
and being able to say that was because I wanted to say to people, do not
judge this book by its cover, don’t judge anyone’s life by what you see, you judge
them by what’s inside, it’s heart and the soul and spirit that counts not what you see, so don’t make those
kind hasty judgments, because that’s always been my philosophy so there’s my philosophy on the cover of this
album perhaps, and it was a, you know, it was an album
cover that most parents wouldn’t let the kids put
up as a poster, which I guess worked pretty well, you know, because kids
wanna be rebellious and they, they soon as a parent say no, there you go, we
didn’t do it for that reason but it became an offshoot of that kind of artwork that parents were very fearful of what kind of evil was
gonna be for their children if they look at that poster.