Miranda: Hello everyone and welcome to Dental
Diaries. Mira: Hi. I’m Mira. Miranda: And I’m Miranda. Mira: And thank you for joining us on today’s
episode of Wondering About Whitening. Miranda: Today, we’re going to be talking
about whitening products that we recommend. Mira: We’re also going to be discussing home
remedies for whitening teeth, and potential consequences of these treatments. Miranda: It’s important to talk about this
because staining is common and sometimes unavoidable in most adults, and you should definitely
look for our video in the future about staining for more information. Mira: It is also important to be informed
of which whitening products are the most effective and which ones are harmful for your teeth. Miranda: While we do offer in house whitening,
we understand that picking a practical time to fit into your busy schedule is inconvenient,
and having at home whitening options is way more doable. One popular at home whitening option is Opalescence
Go. It comes in trays that adapt to your teeth
and reach the molars in the back, unlike most whitening strips that only go halfway. Mira: And another popular option is the Crest
3D Whitening Strips. Whitenings containing strips and the gel molds
to your teeth, and you don’t need trays. Strong dose, so be sure to work with your
dentist to consider the use of desensitizing products. Miranda: I have very sensitive teeth, and
these actually worked very well for me, and the great thing about these, is that you can
see the results as soon as three uses. Removes up to 14 years of staining, and the
whitening lasts up to 12 months. Mira: Some at home whitening products have
shown to be harmful for your teeth or a waste of money which include … Miranda: Whitening pens which are typically
used for touch-ups on the front teeth. Mira: However, the high amount of saliva in
your mouth has the ability to wash away the small amount of peroxide using whitening pens. Without anything to hold the whitening solution
in place, it will cause little to no whitening. A recently popular whitening method that decreases
oral health benefits is the charcoal tooth scrub. Miranda: While it’s an effective use for whitening,
studies show that charcoal actually decreases your overall tooth health by wearing off the
enamel. Mira: Yes, and the American Dental Association
hasn’t approved this to be a safe of effective method of whitening. Miranda: Whitening can be expensive, which
is why some people use apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is supposed to help remove
plaque and remove the yellow in your teeth. However, because it is highly acidic, it is
corrosive to the outer layer of your teeth and ends up making them more sensitive. So yes, it may actually whiten them, but you’ll
be spending more money later in treatment instead of buying a safe whitening product. Mira: If your whitening routine is not consistent,
you may not see the results you’re looking for. We do offer in house whitening treatment that
can get you a whiter smile in one quick treatment. Miranda: Keep these ideas in mind and give
us a call if you have any questions about the whitening products that you are using
and if you have any concerns. We do offer free consultations to patients
who are looking to further discuss their whitening product options. Mira: It is important to use safe and effective
products when whitening your teeth or you will only cause later issues. Miranda: So true. That’s all that we have for today, so please
join us next time on Dental Diaries when we discuss the benefits of regular dental visits. Mira: Bye.