Hello, everyone. Alright. Who are you? (2.52 million subscribers in 2019) – This thing is huge. / – Wow. (Let’s look into these comedians’ charms) (Let’s see what they’re truly capable of) (Ddotty’s Comedi-mon Unboxing) – Hello, everyone. I’m Ddotty. / – I’m Cutie. The comedi-mon we’re going to unbox today has been on Gag Concert for 13 years. 13 years? This person should quit. – Oh. / – It’s so big! – Oh. / – Gosh. What is this? Are you okay? Hey! The box broke! – What? / – There’s more? Is this Minsang-mon? Another one! They keep coming out! One isn’t enough… They’re all a bit different. They keep coming out! I’m impressed that they all fit in there. Knockoffs these days… They’re incredible. I’ve seen two similar looking people, but this is my first time seeing four. It’s like buy 1, get 3 free. I can’t tell who’s who. Yeah. So our goal is picking out the fake Minsang-mons. – We have to find the real deal. / – Yeah. (Find the real Minsang-mon) (He’s an XXXL, 3-digit weight) (He’s always hungry and eating) (He has weak lungs) (He has zero dating skills) We’ll do a simple test to tell the real from the fake. – All of you answer at the same time. / – Got that? Where did you buy your outfit? Itaewon! What was your lowest weight since you turned 20? 100kg. 94kg. I was 5.8kg when I was in my mother’s womb. A really big baby. After a lot of dieting, I got to 124kg. He couldn’t take an elevator by himself… Time to discern the real from the fake. (The test to find the real Minsang-mon) (1. Catchphrase) What do we know about Minsang-mon? He has that catchphrase, “I’m hungry.” – At the same time. / – Yeah. We can tell once we hear from them. That’s right. “I’m hungry.” On! Go, go, go, go! ♪ I’m hungry ♪ ♪ That sounds good ♪ ♪ I’m hungry, that sounds good, I want some ♪ Now I’m more confused. They’re so alike. Excuse me, first Minsang-mon. Can you turn around? – Is this supposed to… / – What is this? The design can be copied, but not the soul. Let’s hear them sing. (2. Singing skills) – Minsang-mon isn’t a bad singer. / – Yes. – Lee Seungchul’s “Last Concert.” / – Yes. – Sing that really long note. / – Yes, right. ♪ When I go outside ♪ Very nice. This is pretty good. Nice. I think I only hear one person’s voice. He coughed! Hold on! Stop, stop! The real one is the better singer? – No. / – Huh? The real one has weak lungs. (3. Big bite test) How about we do the big bite test? He seems really happy about this. He seems like the real one. They’re going to take the biggest bite they can possibly take. – The real Minsang-mon… / – Yes. Doesn’t have that big of a mouth. You’d think he’d eat a lot, but he can’t really take that big of a bite. He’s checking the patty. He seems like the real one. – He picked out the pickle! / – Hold on! He’s being picky! I found him! It’s Minsang-mon! One big bite! Go! Start! Eat! – Wow… Wow! Wow! / – No… – How is this possible? / – Hold on… Wow, what is this? Hold on! That wasn’t one bite. That was an entire meal. (4. Dating) For those that are still confused, Ddotty is going to tell you an easier way to recognize the real one. Let’s ask them about situations with a girlfriend. No need… This is all improvising. Right. – They just say what comes to mind. / – Right. We have a beautiful girl ready. Gosh, look at her walk. (Special appearance, Park Daesun) Geez… So what’s the situation? How about trying to calm down an angry girlfriend? The real Minsang-mon has no dating skills. – Yes. / – It’s not in his specifications. Honey, why didn’t you pick up my call yesterday? (What will he say?) (Minsang-mon’s dating skill is?) (Slap) Lime Minsang-mon. Do you have a girlfriend? I’m getting married soon. He’s a fake. (He’s caught) The real Minsang-mon is going to have a soul wedding. Gosh… How do you treat your real girlfriend? – My real what? / – Girlfriend. – Girlfriend. / – Your significant other. What’s that? Isn’t that only in fairy tales? – A girlfriend. / – In fantasy books. – Like a wife. / – Yeah. – They’re like unicorns. / – No dating skills. We found the real Minsang-mon! – Yeah! / – Am I supposed to be happy? – We will return the fakes! / – Return them! Real and fake! Look over there. Why do you guys get burgers? – Gosh… / – What is this? Gosh… Let’s hurry up and end it. I want to eat too.