So, I’ve got something sweet in my hands right now that I’m about to show you and I can’t wait – [static] After I custom painted a Hydro Flask in my recent video, I really enjoyed it and I decided it is time to custom paint a pair of shoes. In high school, I used to love wearing Converse. I always had like a black pair and a burgundy pair, which – well, maroon – whatever. [deeper voice] I still actually wear that pair. But, today we have some white ones – blank canvas right here, tabula rasa, blank slate. So we have some converse, and I have a bunch of Posca Pens, and we are gonna go to town. I’m gonna turn these into something colorful and cheerful. This is also a giveaway, so if you want to win this pair of shoes keep watching to find out how you can later in the video! [music] This is a U.S. women’s size 6.5 and What is it? UK: that is a 4.5. Europe: that’s a 37. So, uh, yeah. In case you’re curious what size this is, here you go. Can we just appreciate how long it took me to set this up for the thumbnail? I’ve already decided what I want to do on these: so let’s jump into it. First, we’ll take out the laces. We don’t need those. Enjoy the ASMR – I’m pretty excited to actually have something in mind for these that’s pretty sweet – hopefully this goes well and it’s not like a bust, cuz that would suck. Take this giant Posca Pen and hope it goes well. Alright, little nervous here… Hey this is nice, the ink doesn’t really bleed. I thought it would! [music] Okay, half of this side is done. We’re going to do some blending now. [music] This is actually kind of sweet because it feels like a canvas – I mean, that’s what it is… [music] Let’s see what kind of blending we can do. It’s kind of difficult to hold a shoe while you’re painting it! [music] All right, here’s one panel of the shoe done. Something really cool is gonna go over top of this, though – [deep voice]: So, I can’t wait for you guys to see that part! Okay, so far the insides are colored. Let’s do the outsides. Okay, I’m doing the same thing on this side that I did on the other side. [music] All right, both shoes are done and I put a slight gradient on it, but I didn’t blend it out like a ton… Stylistic choices, you know?! Now I have some white and we’re going to put white right back on the shoe, in the form of clouds. Shake it up! Just do this, all over the place. [music] Look how cute! Okay let’s do the other side. [music] Boom! Got some clouds. Yay. Look! Clouds! [helium enhanced voice]: It’s a cloudy day! We’ve got this part down and I am not stopping here – I have something sweet in my mind, that is gonna happen on this shoe, okay. Well, for the next part, I’m debating on coloring this red stripe gold, or bright yellow – and you’ll see why, you’ll see why, I can’t give too much away yet though, okay! I’m gonna do a little swatch with gold and see how it goes: Yeah, so we’re gonna do *yellow.* Just start back here. This is gonna need another coat. It’s drying a little blotchy right now. The definition of walking on sunshine. [that weird little clicking noise you make with your tongue and the roof of your mouth] Ha! All right, this is what it looks like so far – There’s a bright yellow line going around. So I’m going to incorporate a really cool theme into this, but before I do that, we’re gonna take the tongue of the shoe – and I’m hoping this works out, okay, I’m hoping it doesn’t ruin this shoe. But we are going to also color that: yellow. [nervous chuckle] I’m a little nervous for this part, but I have it planned out in my mind. So hopefully hopefully all goes well! First thing I’m gonna do is color around this tag. Let’s just do that, because I don’t want the tag to be yellow. [weird lower voice]: This makes me… nervous. [music] Think we’re good on the blocking out the tag part. We got this friends, we’ve got this. I’m gonna maybe start down here. Okay, back to the little marker. I just realized: isn’t this like Toy Story colors or something? That’s *not* what this is about, I promise you. All right, since we’re somewhere within the middle of the video, I’m going to tell you about how to do the giveaway now: I just figured most people would assume it’s at the end of the video and I wanted to tuck it in a random spot. So if you want to enter the giveaway, go over to my Instagram – the handle is just @MiraByler – Make sure you’re following me, and I want you to comment the word: cloud. Just Cee El Oh Ewe Dee on any picture. You comment that on any picture, you will be entered to win my giveaway. There will only be one winner and this is a worldwide giveaway Yo, this is a lot of work. [music] Man, to think I have to do this to an entire, another shoe tongue – is the worst. The absolutely worst. This is the hardest part of the whole shoe. I was most excited for this part, too! Whoo-ee. That was – some work. Now we’re back at square one. But that’s okay. This marker tip is busted up and fraying now. Ooo, look how crisp! I love it! All right, I have been hinting at this the entire video: Do you want to know what it is we’re gonna add to these shoes? All right, let me tell you: it is a bee! We’re gonna add bees to the front of the shoe right here. Should I free hand these? Oh, that’s scary. [music] Let’s add some yellow [music] That’s the bee! Pretty happy with how this turned out. The bee is a fun little pop on the toes, you know? It’s unique. Let’s put the laces back in. All right, let’s do that. Okay, so a classic thing I used to do a lot on my channel was ask you guys a question of the day and I have not done that a really long time. So as I am lacing at these shoes back up, I have a question for you: I want you guys to tell me about the weirdest, funkiest pair of shoes you’ve ever had. Tell me about it in the comments. I want to hear about it. Mine probably were just the converse that I colored on – I just remember it was a really cool thing. Here’s the finished checks! What do you think? Would you wear these? I was most excited over the little bee at the tip of the shoe. Wow, this could totally become a meme. Look at this. This is my head. Anyway – I have been really enjoying like customizing stuff that people can use, or where it makes art feel a little different. So I’m really glad I have the opportunity to do this with a pair of shoes. If you want to enter the giveaway to win these, and – [deeper voice]: Maybe you skipped to the end of the video – You’re gonna have to go back to the middle of the video to find out how to enter. Have a good day everybody and thank you so much for watching! If you have any other things that you would like to see me custom art- artsify? Art? Paint? DIY, whatever, let me know in the comments. Have a good day guys. Bye!