“Yes, so I grew up in Utah, and my
parents this is such a stereotype. My parents were ski instructors, and we
had a bizarre year-round school schedule. So our summer was only five weeks
long, but we got these three week breaks throughout the year. And my parents, because
they worked at Sundance Ski Resort, put our three week break right
after the holiday break. So we ended up having five weeks
of skiing, and we had no choice, because they weren’t gonna pay a
babysitter to stay home with the kids. So we had to ski from 8 a.m. to 5
when the mountain closed every day, which seems fun for the
first few hours. But if you’ve ever been in the snow for
that long, you know it’s a it’s a long day. And I spent a lot of those hours
sitting on chair lifts, just daydreaming and thinking about stuff, because there’s
nothing to do on that chair lift. While thinking about, “I wonder I wonder
if I can track down one of my parents mid lesson, you know.
They’re trying to do their job, and I’m bothering them for lunch money.
But a fun place to grow up. Very quiet place. It’s great for cartooning,
because there’s not a lot of distractions.”