Crochet sculpture gives you a lot of opportunity
for creativity. Making dolls is one way of doing crochet sculpture because it’s more
of a three dimensional type project. In this particular instance you can use a circle to
make the head. The hair is just simply strands of yarn. And then as you continue down the
body you would decrease and increase as necessary. You can also sew the arms on. You don’t have
to do it all in one long stitch. And in this particular instance for sculpture I have no
pattern. I just made a phoenix bird using what I already knew. Such as the circle stitch
as I mentioned making the head working your way down the body. You can see probably better
on the bottom here where the circles come through. Then for the fire I used our triangle
stitch to make the flames and the color combining in order to switch colors. So crochet sculpture
gives you a lot of freedom to be creative.