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out I suck at painting first I just want to say I’m getting very close to a
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and hopefully you guys like to watch them so before we did some contrast
paint orc skin it was kind of like a mossy green sort of feeling we’re gonna
do the same thing today with contrast paints and traditional paints and this
time it’s gonna be more of a brown earth grungy kind of color it’s not super fast
but it is quite easy it’s pretty much contrast paint and dry brushing and
that’s pretty much it so let’s get started you all right so this video our flesh is
going to be very similar to the previous one which I’ll link to up top this is
the final result I’m gonna get out of this one as you can see compared to the
previous one is much more Brown much more earthy again it’s a pretty easy
it’s not particularly fast but the results are cool colors were going to
use for this one are going to be droopy violet and then for the contrast paints
going to be plagued bare flesh and orc flesh with some contrast medium then our
regular paints are going to be war boss green we’re gonna mix the XV 88 and the
Kistler flesh and then our glaze is going to be way watch our grain if you
don’t have these colors maybe you use all Vallejo stuff for the war busking
you could use goblin green the XV and kiss left max you could use something
like this flat earth and ivory the flat earth is darker than the XV and the
ivory is brighter than the kiss left flesh but mixed together they’re pretty
much about the same and if you don’t have this way watcher green glaze you
can make that basically use the game ink and mix that up with a bunch of allah
miyan medium our glaze medium whatever um the the results on both of those are
pretty much the same so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to wash
the entire surface with drew key violet and there’s nothing special to this
we’re just slopping it on the whole thing the only thing that is going to be a
little bit different is I’m going to assume his arm orientation is going to
be straight up and down like this and his gun is going to be up a little bit
so after we wash this on we’re going to take a q-tip and just pull off the wash
on what would be the highest spots according to where the light falls
sometimes you can get this big old brush I’m gonna slap this on nothing magical about this step just make sure we get it everywhere and
get it into the recesses and then before it dries we’re gonna pull it off with
the q-tip so when I think about where the light will be falling I’m gonna just
take off those areas it’s not going to be real dramatic but it will help in the
end watch mr. spot and that’s pretty much it we’ll let this
dry and come back and move on to the next step
alright this is where we are at after the drinky violet dries on to the
bulk of the color so our contrast it’s going to be three
parts plague bear flesh one part work flesh and one part contrast medium this
is going to be our main skin color just mix this up and slap it on pretty much
just like we did before it’s gonna look really weird at this point that’s okay
it’s actually supposed to look like this so don’t worry it’s okay to go
ahead and slop a little extra in the recesses darken that up a bit it’s not
gonna hurt anything all right looks like I got everything except here and we’ll
go ahead and let this dry yeah we’ll come back for the next part okay one
thing I forgot here we’re going to use this contrast paint mixture again so
just like no last video we’re going to take a little bit of paper towel some
water just get that thing wet right lay it on top put a pad on it that’s gonna
keep it dry and keep it dry keep it wet till we need to use it again all right
contrast is pretty much dry at this point and this is kind of what we have it’s very uneven it’s very rough which
to me you know be marks I don’t really see as a big deal and don’t get me wrong
I like to do orcs sometime with nice smooth blends but I mean come on there
fungus creatures they shouldn’t or necessarily be the same skin tone from
from individual to individual also even on one pork I don’t see where their skin
has to be you know really smooth blends and being a little modeled just kind of
seems natural all right so our next step we’re going to go back to our contrast
paint we’ve switched to a little bit smaller brush and just like before we’re
going to kind of paint the transitions back in we’re gonna kind of smooth
it’s transition to the dark a little bit it’ll take a couple times you’ll have to
do a few passes on it but we’re basically just going into the shadows
with our main base color I’m just like with the regular glaze you want to go
towards where you want the color to be strongest my next step is going to be
using the way watcher green as a filter it’s gonna kind of pull most of this
together so like I said you’ll have to do this a couple times you can already
see it’s a little bit better but we will have to go back in and do it again so I
will continue on with that and come back when that is finished and
we’ll do the filter all right so we’ve painted our transitions back in and this
is seems to be dry this is pretty much where we’re at at this point and now
we’re going to use our way watcher to filter this whole thing this is just gonna boost the green color
a little bit and kind of tie all of these colors together now with the
filter you you just want to get it on and and not let it really pool because
this is being a lighter green if it pulls up in the darker areas it’s gonna
look really weird now after you do this filter this glaze is glaze colors
they’re kind of delicate so you may want to slap some varnish down after that
wouldn’t be a bad idea at all because you don’t really want to pull this up
when we’re dry brushing it can’t happen pretty easily you can do this as many
times as you want until you’re happy with it really I’m just trying to
reinforce that green feeling a little bit in some of the areas where the
contrast was a little thin on the raised areas but this this is totally up to you how
many times you want to go over this what’s that varnish is dry I will come
back and we’ll get out to the dry brushing section alright with a varnish
dry we’re going to go on to dry brushing our first one is gonna be the war boss
screen you can use any green that’s similar
it’s a voico goblin green would be good too
and nothing magical about this either I’m gonna use this makeup brush it’s
very soft and just is just regular old dry brushing its articularly a little
bit of that modelling I don’t want to take it all the way because I think it’s
kind of cool it might not be your speed and that’s fine
but I like the variations in the orc skin sometimes so like I said in the
intro I’m getting very very close to a hundred subscribers which is crazy I
know that’s not you know Vince Ventrella numbers or tabletop minions numbers or
anything like that but I honestly didn’t think it would happen so quickly and
it’s nice to know that people are finding me is useful and for everybody
who has subscribed thank you very much it’s super cool if you enjoy these is
your first time here you know feel free to subscribe as well I’ll keep doing
some videos some listen to the parent we’re just gonna take a little bit of
this extra ta ta I’m just dark it down a tad and you’ll
notice we still have our contrast paint mix staying fresh in here because we
will use that again for a couple spots yeah nothing crazy just a regular old
dry brush but we’re gonna go super light and just our brightest spots this may
look like too much of a pale beige color that’s okay we’re going to filter it
again at the end so grant we’re just doing this very
lightly I’m gonna go slow and build this up I got some stray hairs okay
that’s pretty much it with our brown dry brush done I can’t go back with our way
stone or wait watch or way fair way whatever green and do our filter back to
our way watch your green and we aren’t almost finished and we were just gonna
filter again as you can see you can see that brown dry brush pretty well that’s
okay because we’re gonna take care of that right here this is gonna knock it
down a little bit and just like before I’m just gonna put it on but we don’t
want it to pool in the recesses I’ll probably do this a couple times as well
and it’s gonna be up to you how much of the brownish color you want to leave
behind all of this is completely open to your interpretation useless simply as a
guideline okay so I’m gonna let this dry and come back after that all right after
that filter dried I went ahead and just went back to our original skin mix and
fixed any transitions I didn’t like and hit his fingers a little bit between the
knuckles and our very very last thing to do is to re-establish some of that
brownish kind of earthy grime eNOS and for that we’re going to go back to plug
right flush and this one we’re going to go right out of the pot I’m actually may
get a smaller brush here now we’re gonna go right out of the pot
and we’re going to use this as a filter also so we’re not going for sloppy pools
and thick coats we’re just covering the surface just like we did with the weight
watcher green and then this is just a sample filter this is gonna get that
some of that Brown eNOS back but it’s gonna be you know all over instead of
what we had with just the dry brush and this is just real thin you can do it as
many times as you want I found that two coats of this is pretty
good but it’s entirely up to you of course and this is going to give them a
real gross brownish tinge on top of that green which i think is pretty cool again all of this might not be what
you’re after for your orcs and that’s fine I just get a little bored of
painting them all the same way every time so it’s fun to mix it up every now
and then and that’s pretty much it so if you liked this video you can go
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