Hmmm…[gasp] Hurray! I found it! Awww…empty! Ugh… I need to throw empty candy packages away so I don’t give myself false hope.. Oh! Hmmm… Where’s my stash? I crave something sweet! Ohhhh…right! If I were a candy, where would Ihide? A plant? Nope, too easy! Argh! Meh… Not under the table… Oh… A cupboard! Of course! Ahhhh! Oh… So many thiings… Uhhh… They are definitely here… But where? Maybe deeper in? Aha, found them! Yay! Uh-oh… But yay for chocolates! HaHa! Sam, what’s all this? Chocolates! No, I mean on the floor. Not to worry. I’ll clean it up It’s just food. Sam’s this isn’t just food. Oh, yes. I almost forgot it tastes awful. We never use it… Heeeyyyyy! Give that back! I found it fairly, though you’ve unfairly hidden them! Yes, I’ve hidden them. For myself! (munching) Delicious! Sam, what’s the matter?! Sam?! I’ve never seen you eating chocolate. Have you guys? If you have, send me a link to that video in the comments I really want to see. I’m also curious if I was caught anywhere. Clean up the semolina. I can still surprise you. All right , how can I clean it up? Quick and without getting tired! Well, semolina is food. Food I don’t eat. And what do I do with food I don’t want to eat? Hmmm…. Fluuuffy… Here, kitty-kitty. Fluuuffy…! Sam, I can hear you! Oh, you’re not Fluffy!!! Collect all the semolina and bring it to me. We’re gonna use it. Fluffy… you don’t need to come. If you have a cat who never comes when you call it, give a thumbs up. Hi guys! Now, I’m going to show you how to make something very interesting with semolina and a couple of items. First, we’ll need the spilled semolina. Sam? Have you collected it? Yes…Here! Are you going to carry it in a tea spoon? Yes, why? Then it will be a very long video. You’d better use this scoop. Yes! Alright, better? Much better. We’ll need some semolina and some food coloring. We’ll add food coloring to the bowls with semolina. Then, I’ll stir it well. And we get these bright colors! Wow, what’s this pretty stuff?! Oh, it’s semolina! Did you want to trick me and make me eat semolina be making it bright and cool? No, but you’ve given me a great idea. We need the colored semolina for something else. Let’s place it onto a clean sheet and allow it to dry. Hmm, where’s the container? Hey, Sam, have you seen… What is this? It’s my resting capsule. When did you get tired? While making it! Veery reasonable. I’m afraid I have to disturb your rest and take it. Noooo, Fluffy, help! Oh, I forgot… Fluffy won’t help. Now I’m gonna show you why I needed this container. The bigger the container, the better. We’ll attach some lights to the lid with tape. Hmm, I’m trying to make the lights even. There. And then I’ll cover it with the container. What’s this, Sue? An alien spaceship? Ooooh! No, Sam. It’s our special table for drawing. Let me show you how it works I’ll pour the colored semolina onto the container and start drawing. It’s kind of like painting with paint and brushes, but with your fingers. But, uh Sue, I don’t get it. What do we need the lights for?! Patience… Let’s see how good you are at math… There. Do you know the answer? Achooo! I’m allergic to it. Sure you are. Guys, if you’re not allergic to math, write your answer in the comments. And I’ll start on a new drawing. Hey, Sam, turn out the lights, please It’s easier than it looks. Oh Sooo coool…! It’s beautiful! Hey guys, write in the comments what you’d draw using this method? I wanted to ask about the chocolate you ate. Yees? I hope it’s wasn’t that good? Oh, no, it was delicious Sueeeee!!! Hey, hey, hey guys! Do you know how much Sam loves his channel? He wants it to become even more popular. Tell your friends about the channel; the more subscribers we have the more amazing videos we’ll be able to make for you! Let’s make our channel super awesome together!