Hello everyone, this episode we finally get out of the kitchen to see San Francisco’s urban scenery! here we go Roommates and I will sometimes wander around the city to explore the strange (unique) urban corners.
(For more previous paintings, there is an Instagram link below~) Sunday, 3:00 PM, San Francisco Chinatown shutter sound In fact, this is a serious painting tutorial (?) let’s go One Early autumn morning Urban roaming plan, start Firstly, fill our stomach Brisket rice noodle soup, and Curry Fishballs! As a native Cantonese, I assure you this one is authentic Eat carefully, every bite should be chewed slowly to feel the sensational combination between the different taste of the ingredients Just like drawing,
a good painting will have a subtle balance between different colors, materials, and levels of light and shadow The last curry fish egg also agrees with me Plop, Plop, Plop Then the next step is to get some fruit tea Bounce! The influx of these emerging business these years brought vitality to the old Chinatown passerby Okay, we are finally ready to get back to business. Let’s go and get some details from our selected building to paint Nine Dragon Wall? It can be inferred from the repeated appearance of the five-toed golden dragon theme that
This must be an Imperial building! (?) Oh, unfortunately, it’s getting late, the building is completely in the shady face.
I can only estimate the position of the shadow on my own Pigeon “Have you seen my crow brother?” Dragon & Pheonix pattern I can go home and start painting now. I have to say that iPad and Apple pencil are really good.
you deserve to have them! Supervisor passing by flag: “Today’s wind is noisy” Bustling market life on both sides of Stockton street The Golden Gate Bakery finally open for business. You could barely see the end of the Line in front delicious food A dazzling array of windows A terra-cotta warrior in disguise after a successful escape from a museum Ah, what a wonderful Sunday afternoon Okay
Our painting tutorial is finally coming to an end. Hope you learned something final word Next time, you must choose a building with less decoration. Today’s question:
How long did it take to finish this painting? Take a guess below~ Thanks for watching! If you like it, please like and subscribe! See you next Saturday! (For more previous painting timelapse, there is an Instagram link below~)