Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I’m your host, William Tapley. Today I’m going to do a very special short program; I’m
going to give you a tour of my sculpture garden in the background and that’s because I am celebrating my ninth anniversary here by YouTube. I started nine years ago on July 31st, 2008. I’m going to post a link to my very
first video which was about the evil number 666. So let’s begin with the tour.
I think I will record this in 4k; I just got a new camera this week, my
previous camera went on the fritz. So the gate is open, let’s go through and, by the
way, if any of you would like to visit my sculpture garden this summer, I’m open
Sunday afternoon from 2:00 until 4:00. And any of you, my subscribers, are
certainly more than welcome. The first thing we see is not actually a part of
sculpture garden, it’s my corn patch, and I have a few beans and tomatoes and
mostly weeds and eventually I will probably block that section off. And as
we enter you begin to see some of my sculptures in the background. And I
thought we could maybe take a trip off to the left here, and the first pathway
is down to a set of three more sculptures in the background. Most of my sculptures are made out of plywood held together with polyester. On
the left you see a concrete statue; this is one of my brother’s favorites. And I
have these sections divided up into what I call rooms. It would be like a museum
and this is an exterior museum, so to speak. So let’s take this central path here and I
have arranged a flower patch off to the left here. Some of the people like to see
these flowers. I’ve got quite a few digitalis; they grow up
here like weeds and they are biennial so some of these plants will bloom next
year and I have like purples and white. And the lighting is kind of difficult
probably for the camera because this is a bright sunny day up here in the
Adirondacks and although it’s very nice at this time of year in the wintertime
it’s completely different. Now, this is my larger back room I would call it and I
feature a canopy in the background and I have some of my mother’s paintings on
display. I did have some of my brother’s at the grand opening several weeks ago.
And I won’t take you behind the tent because I haven’t fully developed that
area yet; I hope to have a lot more artwork back there. Here on my left, and
in the center of the picture now, we have the only full life figure I have ever
done: I call this one “Miss pro-life, sidewalk counselor”. I did this back in
the days when I was very active in picketing Planned Parenthood and I had a
lot of success doing that. The most gratifying thing I ever did was to
convince a young lady not to abort her child! You will never know how, really I
guess you could say, inspiring that was to me and you’ll never forget when you
do something like that. I recommend counseling in front of Planned
Parenthood and you will find that most of the young ladies who go into
Planned Parenthood to abort their babies are black babies. If you want to talk
about “black lives matter” you should talk about unborn black lives
mattering. And you’ll never find these liberal
black organizations like the NAACP oppose abortion which kills black babies at double the rate of white babies. Well,
I’m going to get off my soapbox and go back to my tour. This was one of the
other young ladies who posed for me. In the background we see an image of the
Madonna and Child; this is a polyester with a kind of a bronze cast to it and
opposite that Madonna and Child we have another Madonna and Child. Both of these are abstract versions; I’m going to zoom in a little bit and you can see what that one looks like. I’ll zoom out and take you down this back trail back to where we
started from. And I have the walls right now made out of cheap plastic
tarp. I hope to have maybe wood walls at some time back here and you see some more of the digitalis also known as foxglove on the right. As I say, they grow like weeds up here; that was my mother’s favorite flower. I do have a few sunflowers behind
this abstract and behind all this you can see some of my father’s chicken barns.
My father was a chicken farmer along with being an artist and an art teacher
and a history teacher and at one time we had 2,000 chickens. As I grew up, all of
us kids had separate jobs; my particular job was washing the eggs.
My brother fed the chickens; my one sister graded the eggs and
candled them, my other sister packed them. So we had a family farm and as you can
see I’ve now changed it into a sculpture garden and my brother also participates
in the sculpture garden providing art at certain times. So the family has adopted
more of my parents’ aptitude in art rather than
raising chickens. So I still can’t say that I really make professional videos; I
have improved a little bit I think as far as my on camera presentations go
compared to my very first video. But it has been a very amazing and interesting
nine years; I hope you’ve enjoyed my videos and I hope you enjoyed this one
and continue watching.