(soft music) EVAN: Katelyn, what’s wrong? What are you watching? 5-Minute Crafts. EVAN: Are you sad because,
they’re a giant channel with millions of views
and million subscribers but, yet they do
really bad projects, that they recycle, video
after video after video? I’m sad because, they didn’t
take the toast coasters, to their full potential. EVAN: The toast coasters?
(laughing) Oh my gosh, give me
(crying) a piece of bread.
(crying) What do you think? It was pretty good. (laughing) (beeping) Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn. And today we are making,
toast coasters, inspired by 5-Minute Crafts, which
is kinda painful to say. But this isn’t your average,
we tried a 5-Minute Craft, and it, was very-
Inevitably fails. Bad because it was flawed
from the beginning. We’re gonna try to take
it, to the next level because as, makers with
a garage full of tool and some experience making
things, I feel confident that we can pull it off better,
than their original design. I also feel extra confidence
because, we used to actually sell coasters in bulk
to West Elm in Texas. So, we have a little
bit of experience with making concrete coasters. But we’re also going
to expand on their idea and try some toast
resin coasters, as well.
Cause we have to. Cause we have to. Well not,
So. There’s some justification. Cause I feel like, you lose
the essence of the toast when you cover it, in concrete. I agree.
I want to set my cups down on toast. I agree.
And I want it to look like toast. I agree. (laughing) So we have set up some
experiments to see, what type of toast coaster, is
truly the best toast coaster. (upbeat drum music) So toast one, is the control. It’s toast. It’s just a piece of toast. Toast two is the exact
5-Minute Craft’s duplicate as close as we can get
it to what they did. And theirs looked really
chunky, so we’re gonna try another concrete version that’s,
a little bit watered down, so the toast can keep a
little bit more of a shape. Next, we shall
cover it with resin. We’re also gonna do
a penetrating resin. And I have high hopes that
this is gonna be the most toast of all of the toasts. I think the, fast
hardening normal resin will be the best
The best? Coaster.
(chuckling) I don’t know.
I don’t know if it’s the most toast
of all the toast. But I, think we’re trying
to measure what will make the best toast coaster here. Okay, all right. But let’s start, with the O.G, 5-Minute Craft.
5-Minute Craft. (soft music) (record scratch) So, basically what they
did on 5-Minute Crafts, is they, mixed concrete
and dipped the bread two sidedly, in the
concrete and that was that. So we’re gonna try
that, see how it works. ♪ Science Adjacent with
Evan and Katelyn yeah ♪ But I think that there
is some viability to this cause, in
concrete is cement. And cement, when mixed with
water has a chemical reaction. And basically the cement
and concrete is like glue. So it should stick.
So basically, it should stick and it should
maybe soak in a little bit. We’re using very fine
cement, with not- You mean concrete. (chuckling) I just explained the
difference. (chuckling) Dang it! We’re using very fine
concrete, which is cement, a little bit of sand and
a little bit of aggregate. Are there toast
crumbs in this water? Yes
Then I guess it’s fine. We shall make a fine
pancake batter from this. (chuckling) Might be a little dry. It’s chunky. (chuckling) Looks about right. Looks about right. Are you ready toast? MAN: This was not
my purpose in life. I don’t know about the toast
but I’m ready. (drumming) This feels so wrong,
in so many ways. Needs to like, maybe I need
to, let it soak in more. Okay. (laughing) I feel like I need
to help it out. Maybe we already need
to add more water. Maybe theirs was
like super liquidy. It just wasn’t fully saturating and I could still see bread. (laughing) This is so wrong. This poor bread. This is not what
it was made to do. MAN: I tried to tell you. I’m just gonna do my best. So test one and like
5-Minute Scraps. Five minutes scraps,
is already failing us. With following their method, this is the most it’s coating. This will be the underside. (laughing) So I think we need to, set this
one aside and call it good. (soft music) Now time to see, how
far we can dilute this before it becomes unusable. Oh, is that too soupy? Maybe we just try it. Yeah. What if we it right on
our first attempt? Ready? Yes. Oh. (chuckling) I mean that already
seems better. Yeah, I was like
dipping it in soup. Opaque gray soup, made of rocks. Oh, that looks better. Or doesn’t look better. No that looks better. It looks better. (chuckling) Yeah, look at that. Yeah. (tapping) (whooshing) This is horrible also. No, I feel like this
is looking better, it’s just a matter
of will it last more than the, like more recommended
ratio of concrete to water. Yeah, yes potentially non
functional concrete coasters. Concrete toasters. Concrete toasters. I think, that about does it. My senses of smell
are so confused. (chuckling) I smell toast and
then I smell concrete, which doesn’t smell good but
the toast makes me hungry. (chuckling) And I don’t know how to feel. (screeching) (soft music) Okay, so we have been
reviewing the 5-Minute Craft footage for a little bit. And we’ve realized
that, our first attempt, well we thought the
concrete mixture matched. How the bread interacted
with the liquidiness, maybe theirs was
like super liquidy, is actually more like,
our second attempt. KATELYN: Oh that
already looks better. So please pretend that
this never happened. We won’t talk about that again. This is now the 5-Minute Craft and we have made another toast, for the even more
diluted version. (soft music) Okay, I am bad at filming and
I already added the water. I’m sorry. But, I think that this
is like, oh my gosh. It’s, this is very
diluted at this point. When your concrete splashes. Yeah.
Yeah, that’s very thin. (mumbling)
That could be good actually. Have good feelings about this. Oh, wow. I mean, it might
crumble off immediately, but it looks nice now. I think it’ll crumble
off immediately. Beautiful. Beautiful. Toast. (chuckling) Is it toast at this point? (laughing) Okay, on to the epoxy. (soft music) Okay, next up is the
attempt that I think, will make the best toast coaster and that is quick
hardening resin. (stroking beard) Your beard stroking is so
loud with your glove on. (stroking beard) (soft music) EVAN: You look so scientic. I’m smiling,
(laughing) you just can’t see it. I can see it in your eyes. (chuckling) Okay I don’t know how it’s
gonna interact with the toast. (laughing) This feels wrong. EVAN: Delicious syrup. KATELYN: It kinda does
look like a simple syrup. This is a different
type of French toast. Just want to add
some cinnamon sugar (chiming) on top.
Yeah. That looks tasty. (chuckling) It’s like a nice glaze. So because, this will just like
drip off if we flip it over we’re gonna do one
side at a time. But actually it looks- But actually it
looks kinda legit. It looks pretty good. I still think my technique
is gonna be better. Get in the crevice. This is one of the strangest,
resin projects I’ve ever done. (chuckling) Delicious. Nutritious.
Tritious. Like French toast or something. Right, look dang tasty. Forbidden snacks. Do you ever have those
like, what is life, moments? Yeah. The thick epoxy is actually
like, being absorbed- It’s being absorbed at the top. By the bread. I didn’t expect that to happen. I thought that the epoxy was
gonna be too thick to absorb. I thought it was
gonna sit on top. It looks like you just
covered it and butter. Yes that’s why it looks so good. EVAN: See, this is how
you make a toast coaster. That is toast. Okay, so we’ll let
this start curing and we shall move on
to the next epoxy. (soft classical music) Okay, last one. Yeah so my, path to victory
in this battle is a long- (chuckling) This is a battle
between me and you now? No
(mumbling) It’s not just us
versus 5-Minute Craft? We’re on the same team. But basically why Katelyn’s
is gonna fail horribly long term, is her epoxy
only touched the surface. Mine is going to soak
all the way through because, it can soak
an inch into wood. It’s gonna soak all the
way through this, toast. So, long term Katelyn’s
is gonna fail. Mold is gonna grow, it’s gonna
weaken from the inside out while mine, will maintain
its full integrity for life. MAN: My integrity is long gone. Good thing we’re just testing
this in like a couple days. Oh, no, make sure you guys
follow us on Instagram or socials or something because
we’re gonna post an update in, a period of time
where mine is winning. Are we just gonna wait
(laughing) till mine fails and it’ll
be like, “I told you so.” I feel like a year later
I’m gonna be like, “Gotcha!” (soft music) Don’t do it yet. (chuckling) But I am excite. KATELYN: Okay go for it. (soft music) More bread syrup. EVAN: Oh no. KATELYN: So this
is a lot better. That’s why it can
soak in better. EVANS: Yeah, super thin. KATELYN: Super thin. EVANS: Oh yeah, look at that. You can just like
paint with them. KATELYN: Yeah. EVAN: So beautiful. KATELYN: I think mine
will be prettier, cause I think it’s
gonna have more gloss, because this one
does in so much. But I do think this will
probably look more like toast. (laughing) Yeah, the toastiest
of all the coasters. Oh yes. So you’re gonna do your
back later, like me? Yeah, or I’m just gonna
pour the rest of it. (mumbling) it won’t hurt. Yeah might as well. (bright upbeat music) Okay, now we wait, and see
how these hold up against actual cups full of liquid. I’m tired though,
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code EVANANDKATELYN. That’s code EVANANDKATELYN. (beeping) (upbeat music) Okay, bready? Ready. I was making a joke
cause it’s bread. (laughing) I’m sorry. (laughing) It was good, I get it now. (kisses) It’s a good joke when
you have to explain it. (beeping) So,
(clapping) soon we will be doing
(clapping) a toast coaster test. The most intense test ever,
glass cups full of ice water. (banging sound) Yes. (chuckling) Most intense ever. This yeah, so we’re gonna
see how they hold up, but first we thought
we’d show you guys, how they look after
curing for a few days. So we have the resin ones.
(soft music) This is Evan’s penetrating
resin and my quick resin- EVAN: They still look delicious. (chuckling) KATELYN: Still look delicioous. EVAN: I want to eat them. KATELYN: Okay, they detached. Mine’s gotta little bit of
a, drip on the underside. EVAN: Let’s see how mine does. Oh, looks beautiful
on both sides. KATELYN: That is very nice. Wow, and they’re
both, pretty hard. EVAN: Yeah. KATELYN: Like, (knocking) I can’t squish it at all so, that’s a good sign.
EVAN: That’s a good sign. (knocking)
(mumbling) Are you ready to see
the concrete ones? Yeah, Katelyn’s been
hiding them from me. I don’t wanna, I’m
kind of nervous. (breathing) Oh no, so much dropped off. So we had that in the first
(mumbling) this is the first one. Oh no! (laughing) It looks like a,
sponge cleaning sponge or something gone wrong. KATELYN: I know. So just as a recap this was
the, using the recommended ratio of concrete to water. EVAN: Yeah, this is
gonna be like the hardest most durable of them. Maybe. Maybe. This is the one
duplicating 5-Minute Crafts as closely as we could. EVAN: It’s just like flaking
off on all the sides. KATELYN: It actually
flaked the least though, if you think about it. And then this was
the, very diluted one. Now, I don’t really want
to touch, these too much. Should I touch them
before the test? Just give ’em like a little, oh! I mean, it’s it’s
flaky but it’s hard. EVAN: Yeah, it’s not
just the toast though, Is it just still toast?
Is the toast too hardened? (laughing) Wow! EVAN: This one’s a
little bit better. KATELYN: Okay, this is
like harder than I thought. EVAN: Yeah.
KATELYN: This one. EVAN: This one’s
just gonna kinda be, oh no this one you can indent. KATELYN: I can indent it, I see. EVAN: Yeah. Now this is-
KATELYN: It’s definitely just bread under there.
(laughing) EVAN: This is bread. KATELYN: I mean you can still
see the bread. (laughing) Like you can, oh no! (laughing) Look at the points from
the little drawing things. EVAN: Oh no! Okay, well. KATELYN: Okay well, this
is just aesthetic though. EVAN: Yeah. KATELYN: Oh, and then
we have the plain toast which is about as
hard, as this one. (laughing) They have the same hardness. (laughing) Okay! This is uglier. I know. Okay, so this is how
they look aesthetically but the true test really is
how they perform as coasters. So even before we do this test, I already have some
observations and suggestions. Not that I’m suggesting
that anyone do this, but my guess, is
that 5-Minute Crafts did multiple coats, of
this to get the look that they had in their final. That’s why it was so
goopy and gunky and stuff. Honestly, if you really
wanna make concrete toast, I’d recommend making
a silicone mold and then doing a full
solid concrete cast of it. That would require making
a silicone mold of a piece of toast which I don’t think
would be the most effective. Wouldn’t be the most effective. One- Coat it in resin, then
make a silicone mold from it and then fill
(clappping) it with concrete. You ready? I am ready. Let’s rotate it. We also set up some, barricades because we’re kind of
worried, in the hour we have these glasses
sitting on the bread they might, fall over. (clapping) And we don’t want
broken glass in the shop. Yeah. Okay, so we start
with the control. Yes. (upbeat music) Surprisingly hard. (chuckling) What if that’s the best? No.
KATELYN: Just a piece of toast. Penetrating resin and that’s
where all my money is at. Okay
Oh jeez. Oh no. Get the piece off
the barricades. 5-Minute Craft, here’s
your time to shine. I mean so far nothing’s crumbled which is, better
than I was thinking. (chuckling) It’s very slick and slidy.
Yeah. Maybe we should’ve put extra
barricade on this side. Okay, so now we will wait
an hour and we’ll come back and see how they’ve held up. Should we put a timer
in the background and then we time lapse it? EVAN: Yeah. (upbeat music) They made it. Okay, so our hour is up. And as you can see,
the bread is wet. You know what’s interesting,
one of the things that did the best… Oh no, oh that’s
disgusting, actually. Oh, you know what? This actually did okay. It did a great job as a coaster. It absorbed the water. Yeah. It didn’t damage
anything underneath. And it’s a toast, stale
toast, could be used, as a short term coaster. Short term coaster. Let’s see this,
oh, they’re fused. Oh, it’s wet. How is this softer
than the bread? That’s disgusting. Maybe like-
Complete, absolute failure. KATELYN: Complete failure. EVAN: Complete failure. KATELYN: Okay, so again
that was the recommended ratio concrete. Let’s try… I almost
said Troom Troom. Let’s try 5-Minute Crafts. Okay, you know what? EVAN: You know what? KATELYN: It’s crumbling.
EVAN: It’s falling apart as we touch it. KATELYN: It is
soft here, like… EVAN: Still failure but a
little bit less of a failure. Little bit less of a failure. This one… EVAN: Also failure. It’s one of the least failed. KATELYN: Really? I don’t know I think it’s
like pretty much on par with the other concretes. The better way to let
concrete dry, is to actually let it dry and kind of
a moist environment. The main problem with this is,
you’re putting it on bread. So it’s immediately
absorbing the moisture. Okay everything concrete,
absolute failure. Like way worse than- Worse than toast. Worse than toast. These worse than just
like plain stale toast. I did not see that one coming. Absolute failure
5-Minute Crafts. Now I will say wait,
don’t remove them yet. I will say, I see a giant
puddle on the resin ones which makes sense
there’s no absorbency. People (mumbling)
let it leak down. Remove the bread, let’s see. The wood is dry. The wood is dry.
The wood is dry. All those pockets,
little imperfections. The little bread pockets. The little bread pockets
soaked up the water. That’s-
I’ll call that a fairly good success. Wait- But, this is the exciting
thing, look at this. Look at how much
water is in here. KATELYN: The
fast-hardening resin. EVAN: Yeah. But the penetrating
resin, look at that. KATELYN: Oh. EVAN: Because-
KATELYN: It just went in. But did it go through? (mumbling)It didn’t go through. Where’s that water? It’s inside of here. Can you shake it out? (knocking) (chuckling) EVAN: There’s a
litle bit of water. (laughing) It just absorbed the water. This is the perfect coaster.
It’s the best coaster. This is the best
coaster, winner. Absolute winner.
Oh my God. I called it. It’s not how I saw it
happening but I called it. Wow! Okay
(slapping) We have the formula,
use penetrating resin. (knocking) Toast coaster. It’s kind of the
perfect coaster. Kind of the perfect coaster. Honestly, because of
the texture of the bread and the penetrating
resin hardened it all. Katelyn, I need to
shake your hand. We’ve done it. We took a stupid 5-Minute Crafts and we took a illogical-
Questionable, 5-Minute Crafts
Questionable, 5-Minute Crafts
and we improved it. Mission success. Boom. Well guys, if you have
any 5-Minute Craft videos that you think that we should
tackle and try to improve, let us know in the
comments below. Make sure to check out
our Gaming Channel, Oh oh there’s a face hugger
there’s a face hugger! (screaming) maybe subscribe to this channel. Maybe.
(meowing) We look forward to
seeing you next time. Maybe don’t, I don’t know. See you, bye. Bye. (beeping) Is everything okay? It still kinda smells tasty. (sniffing) That kind of worries
me cause that means there’s like exposed bread.