Do you want me to help you? ok water water ok water coming not yet ok stop stop stop now there is water Do you want me to help you? more water oh that is enough there is no more water Can you put water in here Can you put water James is going to put water inside the bucket we are putting sand in and we are going to put water he is coming James come James James Oh I put so much water I put way to much water in here daddy crab dudududu daddy crab this is the daddy that is the baby and there there is the mommy What is that? A mermaid A mermaid? Mermaid We are making alot of that mommy and a daddy and baby a mermaid and a ducky oh good job James seashell yay ta da! great job Adi do you see a crab there? ya Adi hey is there a turtle in the water? Thank you watching my videos