hey hey what’s going on fellow music
makers my name is Patrick and today I want to share with you my top three tips
for boosting your creativity in music so for those of you who may be searching
through the internet and have happened to stumble upon this video it’s nice to
meet you my name is Patrick Breen I’m a New York city-based singer-songwriter
guitar player music maker and over the years I’ve really tried to understand
the ebbs and flows of the creative process sometimes we’re trying to figure
out how to just get started today other times we’re trying to figure out how to
sustain creativity over long periods of time and other times it’s a battle just
to break through those creative blocks and get any interesting idea down well
today I want to share with you three points that really helped me over the
years and I know that when I face some of these creative hurdles I have the
perfectly laid out to-do list that will help me address the problem and get back
on my feet and making better music You may not agree with every point that I
make but hopefully somewhere in here I can give you something that will help
you on your own creative journey my first tip understand your opponent this
may seem simple but it’s so important to understand what you’re up against no
matter what you’re doing in life it’s so difficult to get started whether you’re
writing your very first song or you’re just writing the next song getting
started is the hardest part for years I was trying to figure out why every time
I sat down to write a song or do a video it felt like everything that could go
wrong went wrong some people call that Murphy’s Law some people call that bad
juju some people call that the God D*mn devil whatever you want to call it you know
that it ain’t good and you know it shows up well a couple of years ago a friend
of mine gave me a book it was like everything that I’ve ever felt was
described and less than 200 pages which isn’t that because I’m I don’t like
maybe a my thing shoutout books I don’t like you but I read this book the book
is called the war of our fantastic book by Steven Pressfield
who if you haven’t heard of he’s the guy who wrote the legend of Bagger Vance
he’s a dope writer though anyway moving on in this book Steven
Pressfield defines the creative opponent as resistance but you can still call it
the goddamn devil if you want Pressfield says resistance is the most toxic
force on the planet if you believe in God and I do you must declare resistance
evil for prevents us from achieving the life that God intended when he endowed
each of us with our own unique genius he goes on to list the different activities
that will most elicit resistance and he concludes by saying in other words any
act that rejects immediate gratification in favor of long-term growth health or
integrity or expressed another way any act that derives from our higher nature
instead of our lower any of these will elicit resistance now as much as I would
love to sit here and read to all of you for the next hour you’re probably not
going to watch that video but I will say that defining the opponent has been the
most important thing that I have done in my creative journey now that’s just a
brief overview but this book will teach you all about understanding resistance
fighting resistance and getting beyond resistance I’m not sponsored by this guy
here they even know who I am I just love this book I make it a point to read it
once a year and I highly recommend that you do the same it’s a great read it’s a
short read and it’s going to fill you with so many tools you can use to be
more creative obviously I like everything below for you guys all the
resources that I list today but you may want to check this book out it really
changed things for me you start to see that resistance doesn’t just show up in
your creativity it shows up in your relationships in your health goals if
that’s something that you’re about but understanding what you’re up against is
the first step in figuring out how to beat that thing now that you understand
what you’re up against you need to set yourself up and get prepared to step
into the ring with your opponent a lot of times we start our day feeling
blocked or feeling like we don’t have any original ideas and it could be so
hard to just clear your mind and open yourself up a couple years ago I was
really struggling battling through some creative blocks and trying to get myself
to the next level of my own creativity in front of my recommended a book called
the artists way by Julia Cameron this book is really going to help you
understand who you are as an artist why we get blocked and give you the tools to
fight through those creative battles this book in particular gave me so much
freedom and permission just to be Who I am and understand why I feel the way
that I feel and why I struggle and it’s okay to struggle we’re all on a journey
and you’re not going to get there overnight there’s a couple of key
practices that Julia Cameron lays out in this book one is called an artist date
I’m going to talk about that in a little bit but the other thing and probably the
most important practice that I implemented after reading this book was
what julia calls morning pages and essentially the morning pages are stream
of consciousness writing Julia Cameron says to write three pages some people
say write for 10 or 15 minutes or even 30 minutes and it’s just writing down
the thoughts in your head you’re getting all of the garbage out of the way
getting your mechanical brain out of the way so that you are freed up to be more
creative that day it’s highly effective but it’s one of those things that works
best if it’s implemented is a daily practice this book is a great read
there’s a ton more in here other than just the morning pages and the artist
date definitely recommend it it’s one of those books that I pull off the shelf
all the time so now you understand your opponent and you’ve got a little morning
routine it will help prepare you to fight that opponent let’s talk about
some of the things that you can do to be more effective when fighting resistance
so my second tip for boosting your creativity is growth as you note they
say you ain’t growing your diet grow and you ain’t flowin nobody says that moving
on one of the things that you will always need to do is expand your
creative scale and your creative threshold the things that you are
capable of as an instrumentalist as a writer as a vocalist those things have a
threshold and the more that you learn and the more that you practice and the
more that you try new things the more that that creative ceiling is going to
expand you’re going to have more tools at your disposal so when you’re
practicing try new genres try some styles that maybe don’t necessarily line
up with the types of music that you’re going to be
writing because of every new thing that you learn you may not take a ton away
but you may take one or two little things riffs writing styles local ideas
you may take a couple of those things away with you to tip perfectly with the
ideas that you’re trying to create it also doesn’t hurt to find a teacher or a
mentor that can help you reach the next level of your ability a lot of times
when you’re trying to get to the next level a mentor or a teacher can help you
accelerate that process now maybe you’re in a situation where you feel like you
don’t have access to an in-person teacher where you don’t have the
resources to pay for something regularly there’s tons of resources online from
websites to Skype lessons just do the research and find what works best for
you and your goals the next thing I found that has really helped me grow as
an artist and as a creative is to just engage in the community and this comes
back to Julia Cameron’s idea of the artist day do something each week that
is helping you grow as a creative thinker be around art and culture and
music and movies even if you’re a musician going to a museum and seeing
some art can still stimulate the creative process like you wouldn’t
believe physically tangibly being in the
presence of somebody else’s creative process is only going to ignite in you
that drive that creative force that you need when you sit down and you write
your music if you have the ability or the access to go to concerts go to as
many as you can I mean seeing another musician up on stage doing the thing
engaging with the crowd it’s going to encourage you you should be able to look
at that insight yeah I can do the work to get there the more that you can do to
immerse yourself in a community of arts and creativity the better off you’re
going to be lastly when thinking about growth I think it’s really important to
look at the content that you’re consuming what music you listening to
what podcasts you listening to what YouTube videos are you watching what
instructional content are you consuming all of this needs to point in the
direction of your creative goals so if you want to branch out an experiment
with a new genre of music consume that kind of music figure out
with some of your favorite artists or listening to find appropriate Spotify or
SoundCloud or Apple music playlist be intentional with what you’re listening
to do you listen to podcasts are you listening to things that are going to
inspire your work ethic and your creative process one of the podcasts
that I listen to on a weekly basis into school greatness by Lewis Howes Lewis
interviews everybody from social media stars to musicians to fitness
professionals to successful entrepreneurs and just talks to them
about their process and it is so inspiring to hear average ordinary
people talk about how they were able to accomplish extraordinary things I would
like Lewis’s YouTube channel in the description below along with a couple
other resources that I really recommend but again all of these tips are meant to
encourage growth and encourage your creative process lastly my third and
final tip is consistency you have to be consistent with all of this stuff if you
really want to see the long-term results unfortunately in my experience results
will really come back quickly it takes a long-term commitment to your goal and to
your development not the fanboy too hard but I want to share one more excerpt
from the war of art Steven Pressfield basically chronicles his entire day and
he talks about his morning and getting into his writing process and he
concludes with this I power down it’s 3:00 3:30 the office is closed how many
pages have I produced I don’t care are they any good I don’t even think about
it all that matters is I put my time in and I hit it with all that I’ve got all
that counts is that for this day for this session I have overcome resistance
his one job every day is to do the work now I’ve learned in my short time as a
song runner that my best songs don’t come in consecutively maybe I’ll write
three or four songs and just mediocre then I’ll get one that I’m really
excited about and then maybe another that I’m really excited about then I
write another that’s just okay or bad and then I’ll get another that I’m
really excited about but without fail always with a large batch of songs I get
a handful of ones that I’m really excited about
I think are cooler that I think could be interesting but like Steven Pressfield I
know that every day my job is just to do something creative to write something
down to come up with an idea that maybe gets expanded out in the future and
maybe it doesn’t but my job every day is just do the work and that’s your job too
I think we live in this culture of Instagram profiles and social media
where everything seems perfect and it’s not but we live in this world where we
show people the finished product and we don’t show people the process and the
process can be kind of ugly but then we go scrolling through Instagram and we
see how perfect and polished everybody looks and we feel bad about our own
imperfections don’t feel like everything that you do has to be the absolute best
that you have to offer always strive for your best always put
in your best effort but know that it’s not always going to be perfect and
that’s okay your job is to keep showing up keep doing the work and understand
that the tree doesn’t fall right away it takes a lot of little chops to bring
down a big tree it’s a dream big and keep working hard all right guys that’s
going to be it like I said these things have worked really well for me over the
years if there’s something that’s worked really well for you share in the
comments below I would love to hear from you
but I hope this left you feeling encouraged today I hope you feel driven
I hope you want to go out and work hard tomorrow get out there and do your thing
please like and subscribe I’ll see you guys soon all right peace but then we go
screwing to Instagram and we see how perfect and polished everybody looks and
we feel bad about our own imperfection it’s all good we all make mistakes I may
or may not have farted like a second ago how am I going to put that in the video
let’s just know it was there