– Hi, guys, today we’re
doing a blindfold challenge. We’re gonna be drawing
pictures blindfolded and the other person has to
guess what the picture is. We each get to draw five
pictures, and if the other one guesses what it is, we each get a point. So our goal is to get 10 total points. We have 10 random objects in
here to pick for what we draw. I’ll go first. What? (playful music) – Person? Maybe something every– (bell dings) – [Addy] Maya, you gotta guess. – Um, stick man? – No. – This is hard. Running?
– No. All right.
– I don’t know. – All right, it was
someone kicking a ball. Zero points for that round. (buzzer buzzing) – Oh, this is gonna be easy. Three, two, one, go. (upbeat music) (bell dings) – Like a cardboard box with a floating door and two eyes. Looks like there was a pointy rooftop, but Maya missed that. I think it may be a house. – Yes.
– Yay! One point for that round. (bell ringing) All right, my turn. (upbeat music) – Airplane! – That was right. – Yes.
– Yes! – [Maya] Yep, that’s an airplane. – Two points now.
(bell ringing) All right, Maya, it’s your turn. – Oh my gosh. (playful music) – It looks like there’s wheels down there. This is gonna be a bit funky. Maybe it is a car. Okay, I’m gonna guess that that’s a car. – You are– – [Both] Correct. – Yay! All right, now we have
three points in total. (bell ringing) What? (bright music) – It looks like a person holding something. A person holding a baby. – Yes! Four points in total!
(bell ringing) (bright music) That looks like a flower. – You are– – Correct!
– Yep. (bright music) Burger? Hot dog, hot dog. – Yep, that’s a hot dog. – Oh, no. (bright music) Oh my gosh. – Is that supposed to
be a dog or something? – You are correct. (bell ringing) – Okay, two more left. – Horse. (bell ringing) Oh. – Is that an ice cream cone or something? (bell ringing)
– Correct. – We nailed that drawing. We got nine out of 10, and
we did a pretty good job. If you wanna see us do more challenges, make sure to like and subscribe. – [Both] Bye! – X, O, X, O. (upbeat music)