good afternoon friends all assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh on this video i will explain a few things about my self to all my friends several things the one I Have in personality i actually also difficult to explain, because what is it just confused, what should I do actually what my ability is I also don’t know you, so I just explain as best I could for this video, maybe in the next video I will explain more about my biography, get on with it first for the name introduce my name Izam Bagus Kurniawan I do not know what this means but the important thing is there is a name than there’s no name later so it’s troublesome to call then place, date of birth i was born in Tulungagung what time of day it is i don’t remember when I was born I don’t remember what day it was if my parents say Saturday. so, Saturday the 27th March 1999 so I was born time almost a year after Soeharto yes maybe that time was still a crisis monetary so yeah I born during a crisis so my parents at that time also had difficulty when giving birth to me continued hobbies, I have several hobbies don’t know what this hobby is the important this is hobby, draw this I started drawing when since kindergarten began to be interested, but at that time was not aware just drawing in elementary school to but there are the most memorable elementary school time when drawing the name of the group I don’t know if it’s graffiti, apparently after I remember it now apparently it was once able to make graffiti weird too if you remember the past continue through high school, draw it time began to increase when high school in class almost every day drawing, until scolded by teachers who keep drawing until the book is full, keep drawing too then paint paint recently abstract paintings but, I prefer abstract paintings several time had painted on the hall of a room scenery, graffiti but now many are more abstract paintings because of what, abstract is more has a lot of meaning, so you can interpret the meanings of my paintings yourself so i don’t need to drive up to friends want interpret it as what, so free lfree abstract paintings are not binding then fishing, fishing hobby is already from childhood in elementary school after returning home from school fishing right away, because in the front of the house the rivers, so it’s good to fishing and also with my friends, so it tastes good until now it is still fishing maybe it is some hobby actually my hobbies are still a lot but i don’t know what those hobbies are then there is an interesting fact don’t know if it;s interesting or not, I don’t know either but yeah said interesting the first is quiet i don’t judge this but said several of my friends said I was quiet for my own analysis because in my opinion it is difficult to communicate with others don’t know how difficult it is because, confused before said that nerveos first so I’m confused about what to say but yes, if with a close friend, just relax maybe it takes a long time if chatting with a new friends then interested in abstract paintings this was what I explained earlier abstract paintings have many meanings so want interpret anything you can easy anyway previously also interested in lettering, calligraphy lettering, this calligraphy starting from high school already interested although initally it was until now almost never like following activities with friends from the first arrived now, learning to yourself never, never do this abstract painting there is a teacher directly, just looking around pictures take a little than make new again then like sleeply it’s a habit forget, since middle school or high school almost every day at school it sleeps do not know and finally until now if not in the morning, in the evening or afternoon, I will definitely drink coffee if you want to know the coffee is brontoseno coffee what is 400 gram or what it is, ten thousand if you buy it can do for weeks, it’s great steady, yes for me can make you not be sleepy or not, if I may not be sleepy then the third is always nerveous I also don’t know why I’m always nerveous maybe this is innate because I can actually relax, but although relaxed I will find out later sweat wet clothes like excited for example, when junior high or senior high school were told to go forward actually can do but when you sweat it wet I don’t know, I’m dizzy too but stay relaxed but yes excited next educational backgroud my education was elementary at SDN two Karangtalun because I live in Karangtalun Village my elementary school was automatic there because it might not be far away but, when i was in class 3 I moved because my parents since i was little, i did live my parents to wanders because that economy less after that I moved to SDN 1 Ngebong in Pakel, in there i am live with my aunt class 6, class 6 just coming back because my mom came home again so my middle school is in Kalidawir 1 middle school Kalidawir 1 middle school is located in Kalidawir then that high school also in Kalidawir 1 high school still the same, the important thing is close if far away I’m lazy i am among the lazy people now, alhamdulillah still can continue at Brawijaya University with my friends, hopefully can graduate amin ambition what are these ideals, actually I don’t really have goals. maybe hope or that can be done in the future but what don’t expect to be realized but the important things can, what’s important what is it the important thing is, you cah have a few ideals the first is fishing all over the world this is impossible dream but don’t know the absolute decision is in the hand of god i can only hope, hope a little because fishing seems fun, fishing all over the world if you get fish there are koi fish in japan, in China the same fishing on amazon can get piranha doesn’t taste good if you get here catfish, cork fish great, if it’s burned delicious dilicious, the always grateful if later in the future alhamdulillah can get a lot of luck what or how the most important thing is not the fortune but yeah that gratitude hopefully in the future it’s still have gratitude though given a lot of luck or a little fortune though then the third makes a painting until the end of life this is so interesting to me so actually humans life from birth, live, life to death, in my opinion live life to death, in my opinion that’s really cool painting everyone has a different story i imagined it as an abstract painting the other person just looked the journey of that person’s life according to his perspective according to themselves as living agents, they also have other views so like abstract paintings that’s cool painting until the end of life then important phenomenon important events ever experienced might be interested in draw the even when I was interest in drawing was actually in high school, when I recently got to know instagram when I see instagram I forget whose work it is wow cool, interested finally, I draw pictures everyday forget not doing homework, not following the lesson, the important thing is to keep drawing until there, finally interested, interested, interested everyday learning to draw continues but then other events are forgotten i always forget’s important event, don’t know why what don’t have doesn’t know either, I don’t think have an important event then strengths and weaknesses this is not physical strength can break glass, can eat glass can’t bring out the power of kamehameha not can it be rubber strengths and weaknesses strength in the first is relax actually, in dealing with that problem we must be able to relax think clearly but if I’am not thingking clearly, but too relaxed, don’t think when dealing with serious things is relaxed but when faced with the opposite things are actually serious little things are more interisting to think about then, like to forget to remember important things, however instead remembering trivial things this was before, that important event that I forgot all about it but something’s about trivial as fishing for me is important, even thought seems trivial trivial things are better to remember in my opinion let it happen we just go ahead maybe number 3 don’t really like to talk much but interested to doing like drawing, i was told to explain it is confused if asked to draw I can but when people see it, i’am get nerveous too but like it draw it better than talking anyway how about talking? most thing’s, don’t know if friends, if I speak it must think write first, then can say it feels good smoothly so, it’s hard if say right away the mouth is like mouth of salt water flighty the fourth one can be very focused when alone this may be strengths or weaknesses do not know either but can be focus, if alone calmer, relaxed, fokus but, if it’s bussy, i feel dizzy not really dizzy, but nerveous, nerveous nerveous if alone feel better can master, master themselves, master the surounding environment like a avatar, so easy if in if alone imagination can extends until the end of the world rules but if it’s crowded, then later the imagination will widen already hit friends around, so it’s hard so that was my weakness and strength sthrengths and weaknesses next, maybe, that’s all i can say, sorry if there are so many things which I can’t convey because because i am forgetful so yeah i just convey i only remember so need to be too on things about, this insignificance but yeah, a little important because if this part of the task maybe that’s all I can say, sorry if a lot of shortcomings but what I’am saying is a little, there is a lot of deficiencies wabillahi taufiq wal hidayah wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh sorry for disturbing the time, thank you and good bye