best graphic designing art there are
many famous graphic design artists famous graphic designers top graphic
designers famous graphic designers graphic design inspiration new graphic
designers but Raj once desi art is totally unique and different it all
started as a thought to see Hollywood artists in desi Indian style so with
magic wand Raja want chart created desi characters series which lead to immense
response from all over the world BuzzFeed noticed it first and so scoop
whoop puffing post men’s XP young and broke India and many more virtual expert
solutions and mad Kings presenting the Raj want chart series a collection of 25
characters which came to India and luckily Raj watch cut them while working
and earning their bread and butter Raj munch created their illustrations
Leonardo DiCaprio comes to Gujarat in a new avatar
Leonardo Patel Khaled Mia is here spinning jalebis out of music come come
and meet rec centre Corps aka bebe Rexha presenting Kayne West and Kim Kardashian
as Caine Sandow and Kimmy this is 50 cent for you as cent eat Mishra ji Brad
Pitt as Brad da spit to Bruno Mars as Bruno Lee parsad Stan Lee the iconic
storyteller of our times as cha-cha Stan Liston rock on chisel and Wizzle by Wiz
Khalifa and Charlie puth presenting Thor aka Krishna Hemsworth as our very own
neighbourhood blacksmith iron man meets style icon so here we have Donny Kapoor
what’s a Emily and Krishna aka Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart marvelous
Wonder Woman gal gadot does gal gadot Vaati Daniel Radcliffe as Hari Bhushan
our very own Rehan vadi aka Rihanna Miley Cyrus as Miley Ronnie Scarlett
Kumari the cup with the sweet smile and no-nonsense wiles aka Scarlett Johansson
ed Sheeran aka Sheeran Jett Verma weekender and cylinder aka weekend and
Selena Gomez Vinod and mish Lee aka Vin Diesel Michelle Rodriguez happy family
portrait many people might be confused concerning just what his graphic style
art recent modern technology has opened a range of new fields yet basically
visuals design as our hope you enjoyed Raju on chart bayamón
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