hey what's up everyone my name is Chris winter and in this video I don't go through some of the best cameras for beginners so you can get an idea of which camera might be best for you by the way guys I'm giving away a $25 Amazon gift card once this video hits a thousand likes so if you want to enter all you need to do is subscribe to this channel and follow me on my Instagram page which is linked down below under this video also guys if you haven't seen it yet definitely make sure to check out my brand new list the top 10 the best cameras for beginners now a couple of these cameras make it but some don't so if you want to see what it does come in on the list the link will be in the description box below under this video you can take a look but anyway let's take a look at some of these cameras so today's question asks hey Chris I'm just starting in photography I've been using my phone for a while to take photos but want to step up to a better camera which one would you suggest well first off congratulations on wanting to step up your photography game Photography has been such a big part of my life and I absolutely love it I'm sure you will to you so there are a lot of great cameras to learn photography with and they don't always have to be too expensive either first off good work taking photos with your phone I often encourage people to learn to take great photos with their phone because it really makes you be creative because your phone is somewhat limited compared to a DSLR but I can totally understand you want to get a new camera so if you are looking for a first beginners DSLR I'd take a look at something like the Nikon d3100 now the D 3100 came out a few years back so it's a little older now but it can still take some lovely photos and if you pair it up with a nice lens like a prime lens which is a lens that can't zoom you'd be able to get some really nice shots even some nice portraits at a pretty cheap price a good cheap lens that a lot of beginners use is the 50 millimeter F 1 point 8 now these are pretty cheap and because they've got a really wide aperture of f11 8 they're great for portraits and you can get that really lovely blurry background or bokeh effect by the way guys let me know in the comments below under this video which camera you think is the best camera for beginners and why and I'll take a look at your comments now if you want to get an older Canon DSLR I'd take a look at the Canon t2i or Canon t3i now these are super cheap these days and have good 1080p filming as well now if you want to get an older DSLR or a second-hand DSLR these are a couple of different options that you could look at brand new firstly Nick on just released their D 30 400 this one comes in at around five hundred dollars and it's great value for money it can shoot at five frames per second and it can also wirelessly transfer your photos to your phone as well by the way guys if you want to check out any of the gear that I talked about in today's video I've got it all linked in the description box below under this video so you can take a look Kanon also just released their canon t6 or 1300 D if you're outside of America and this is also a great camera to learn on it's got some basic controllers but it's also got some good manual settings for when you want to get a bit more comfortable with the camera now one of my favorite little cameras is this one right here this is the Panasonic GM one this one here is about three years old now so it's pretty cheap these days at around three hundred dollars now the Panasonic GM one is one of the smallest interchangeable lens cameras in the world which means obviously you can take the lens off and choose a different lens but it still takes absolutely fantastic photos not only that it's got a cool vintage look which I really love if you pair it up with the nice lens like this one here they're twenty millimeter F one point seven you can really get some lovely photos as well now one of the most popular cameras from Sony is another one that you could look at it's called the sony a6000 and it's a few years old now but it's still great there are a few other models in that range that have come out the a 6300 and the a 6500 but for a beginner I think the age 6000 would be perfect for you you can also look at the Panasonic g7 now it's a brilliant little camera which records in 4k as well so if you're into making videos that could be a good choice view as well there are just a couple of cameras that I'd recommend for beginners getting into photography now make sure they go and follow me on instagram to go to the draw to win this amazon $25 gift card and also definitely make sure to check out my brand new list the top 10 best cameras for beginners that link will be in the description box below under this video you can take a look I hope you have a fantastic day and I'll see you next time bye