>>Joining us here on commentary, Charlotte Flair,
the woman who challenges Bayley for her title this Sunday
at Clash of Champions.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Step Up Enziguri from Ember Moon.>>Well, in recent weeks, we’ve seen a bit of a different side of
Bayley, a more aggressive side of Bayley, especially since realigning-
>>With Sasha Banks, does this change your strategy,
heading into Clash of Champions at all?>>Here’s the cover.>>And
I’m glad Bayley is being more aggressive.>>Kick out.>>And there is a new side to her,
she needed it.>>Bayley fallen, sustained kicked
right in the shoulder there my Moon.>>It basically might as well
be a foregone conclusion. We are in horseman country,
we’re in Charlotte.>>Bayley may not win tonight.>>That’s a valid point,
Bayley’s in trouble [CROSSTALK].>>Ember Moon is thinking
about the Eclipse.>>No.>>Uh-oh, Belly to Belly,
Bayley with the cover.>>One, two, three [SOUND]
>>And Bayley takes care of the threat of Ember Moon.>>There is no stopping us now-
>>Here is your winner, the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley.>>As I started to say Sax, it might
as well be a foregone conclusion and Horseman Country, a record 10th
championship reign is on the line for the queen. High pressure situation,
no one shines brighter. Bayley better bring her A game and
her best friend.>>Take a look at this,
the queen getting a closer look at her, class a champion’s future. The future is imminent, as could be
the end of Bayley’s championship reign.>>It was Bayley that cashed in
her Money in the Bank contract, to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship
from Charlotte Flair. The Queen would love to
avenge that history.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Bayley’s gonna have some major
proving to do, you want pump? You want circumstance? You want relevance and attention? Bayley it’s staring you right in the eyes! Charlotte Flair. [MUSIC]