right now we shall [Applause] my when I will irenna where my eye [Applause] [Applause] we are wanting until the senator is made a scapegoat yes we will not come to the end of violence against people generally and by people we mean both men and women do you agree with me men have been abused donatina beauty may have been abused on a daily basis yes I've been abused on death anniversary we have children who are being met on a daily basis we are here to say not to have the form of violence against women senator Elijah is not you must ensure that there is quick prosecution our senator Elijah Abu so we are from here to the Nigerian police if you say you are indeed our friend the evidence is that section 84 of the evidence has admit such kind of video as an admissible evidence that video must immediately be used even if the accused of knowledge is accomplished we have seen how that girl was abused and assaulted sexual 260 a peena-pod which is applicable in the northern part of Nigeria gland is dead that assad and mati is against the law section 240 of the pinnacle clearly states that earth is against the law so we must ensure that senator elijah able his body yes the prosecution the details and everything must be made public so that nigeria and everyone across the world we know that we are a country that do not tolerate any form of violence let's pick it from human perspective fatality anncr as your wife big delay D and see us your mother big delay D I see as your sister and above all we can see after daughter of you few I watch the video I cried as a very long time I've never dropped cheer up you descended on a lady emo centralizer no victim of such violence in the public come on I'm saying you two need to be pleaded with before us one is taking action please me take action on this it is not a political here you know this is what we are used with humanity with for crying out loud don't pretend as if you don't afternoon you do she's a woman – thank you the radio people when I saw this video this morning I was on my way straight to the Human Rights Commission when I saw this garden and I decided to come and be part of this garden the only police were the custodians of our law we need to on behalf of this lady go to the courts if it means filing a lawsuit against the senator we need to do it yes it is not only resting on the shoulders of the police to take action the police has a limits to which they can go yes I feel we as Nigerians who stand for these ladies and against violence against women children and anybody at that violence is violence irrespective of who the victim is great Nigerian people politician and advocated for social justice when I watch that I went because it is an embarrassment he jiong senator a beautiful human we're here today to say that actions are unacceptable and to say that we need justice justice for the woman in the shopping cart like oh yes Plus this while women are abused on daily basis and justice for every other person that has mahajan privilege or the courage to speak out when he's a beautiful year Senate Elijah is not opposed you go you must be brought joonyoung's before [Applause] that farming is 28 seconds was a coward coward and you guys gave him man and he felt great and he came to a Salter woman I wish I was the one in the hospital it is not citizens we need to the situation is the protection of life's and properties when you say keep now positive numbers Riku they're honest with you yes we curity agents with you and never when you and your shop your salad and I lost feeling I'm not elsewhere they will come and opt off that is not acceptable not that in this country yeah every one of us you see was the child of the president and the shine of the policeman a policewoman must have the same regiment of the state must be used the way you would tell on the street nor that children like I said earlier it's more energy that energy we all must demand you call justice enjoy lecturing give him that right and the police must follow this and Amanda was there must be made to remove the uniform is not for politicians we have seconds before we have seen it many times many times we have said it that the allegiance of the Nigerian police force sister Nigeria's and Nigeria it is not true the president and the ruling party neither visited the politician all those who happen we demanded for justice I will not go anywhere I want every one of you to think that would I be you dirty uniform would have killed you when you stand here don't look at what's called the IG and citizens are here to thank you and officer not Nigella you we are sending this message to all the concerns enough is enough oh yes less than how many weeks in office even a party will resume plenary a man is already abusing power what do we have for the future nothing why should Elijah ever be in that seat no cause of it we send a message to the nooks and crannies and not is indeed a know we are Nigeria you say I was Britain and nothing model build in another man's wife fish maker of water for him that is the promise is that you boss tonight is that Muhammed a double and possess a future yes sir condition or hassle the destinies of Elijah abolition of it is that if I shall have of the PDP on a woman at the sex toy shop we would like to draw your attention installation of represents in the demo according to a report by the renowned music beyond times that's one of whom was said to have repeated multiple times due to excessive frankly partners I mean Samaritans do norm that we all will claim the man that we should be then it's the stand for what is right and defend what is right so first of all let me commend you for coming together and force you doing sue within the confines of the law and thus key to me the fact that you've not conducted yourself disorderly you've not gone to block traffic you've no going to abuse people you've no going to take the laws into your hands knowing fully well that two wrongs can't never never make it right having said that let me also reassure you that in a German police under the leadership of the current IG IG PMP Adamu we know sit back idly and watch the rights of Nigerians trampled in any way we owe a loyalty to the Constitution to the laws of this land and to the people of this country and thus who will defend and I want to tell you that in line with our constitutional mandate the inspector general please has already ordered the Commissioner please in charge of FCC command C Fibonacci Roma to actually commence a very comprehensive holistic investigation into this incident and I also want to let you know that we've already made contact with a victim the Commissioner of Police in charge of the Federal Capital Territory had made personal contact with a victim and investigations are already ongoing I am a police officer I'm not an activist and so I will speak like a law enforcement officer and I will no want to preempt our and find us and our investigations but you can go home with one thing from this encounter that will do the right thing and I want to say that again and again we will do the right thing and that's what I want you to take away from this meeting now we've made this commitment before God before man and before the citizens of this country that will stand by what is right pursue what is right and do what is right and on a final note I also want you once in awhile to also remember that police men and women are citizens we have emotions we we suffer hungry when we are starved we fall in love we fall out of love we share the same emotions like you do a voice search I mean we are part and parcel of this society I challenge you today that I challenge I challenge you today to see the police as also part of your constituency because you speak for the citizens incidentally we don't unionize we can't process we can rally we don't have the rights you have we are citizens but by virtue what we do with God our rights are breached voluntarily do so what am I saying I am saying like to face we see see me as your brother I see policemen as your sisters at the police women as your sisters as the police men as your product we are in this together we'll go through the costs together and by God's grace we win together thank you