I like strawberries the most.
It’s winter these days, the strawberries are so delicious. Delicious strawberry more delicious
I make {Strawberry Cake} to eat. Turn on subtitles to get detailed recipes. Round Fan Ø18cm
Create Genoises Cut the bottom 2 ~ 3mm smaller than the line drawn. Fold the strip of heritage paper and cut it diagonally to make it easier to turn into a circle. 100g soft flour Sieve me. 90g sugar
Dig round the middle of sugar. 1g salt 10g starch syrup
Pour the syrup in a circle. Cover it with sugar to prevent the syrup from flowing out. 24g unsalted Butter
12g milk 3 eggs Whisk the egg yolks so that they do not clump together with sugar. Add the weighed sugar + salt + starch syrup. Melt the sugar with a whip to prevent foaming. Make sure the sugar melts and flows like water. hot water Increase the temperature of the egg with hot water in a hot water bath. Egg temperature 50 degrees Transfer the egg water to the mixing bowl. Melt butter + milk in a bath. Turn the mixer at high speed to raise the foam. Raise the bubble until the star is drawn. Bubble Clearance at Low Speed
Mix for about 1 minute at 30 seconds on medium speed. Drawing a star Please put in the soft flour. Scrape to the bottom of the dough and mix it upside down. Mix evenly so that the flour is not visible. Make sacrificial dough with melted butter + milk and put 2-3 batters into the dough. Mix it as if you were lifting the dough. Mix the sacrificial dough into this dough. Mix the dough so that the foam does not go out. Pour the dough into the round pan. Remove the bubbles by tapping at a height of 10 cm. 160 degree oven 33-38 minutes If the color of genoise is dark, put the iron plate on the top of the oven and bake. Baked Genoa is made by poking a skewer to make sure the dough is cooked. Cool it on a cooling net. Let chilled Genoa be matured in the fridge for a day. Genoise 15mm, 3sheet Whipped cream
Freeze the mixing bowl in the freezer 30 minutes before placing it on ice. 350g fresh cream 70g sugar Place ice under the mixing bowl and whip. Whipped 60%
Start with a low speed and whip up to 60%. 30 minutes refrigerated ripening
Put a wrap on the fridge or ice and let it mature for 30 minutes. 60g water
Making sugar syrup 30g sugar Melt the sugar by turning in the microwave for 20 seconds. 250g strawberry
Please trim the strawberries. Remove the washed strawberries with a dry kitchen towel. Cut strawberries into the shape you want on the kitchen towel. Cover the strawberries and spread the towel over the kitchen towel. 170g sand cream Whisk aged cream to 90% before use. Apply sugar syrup to the genoise sheet. Put the fresh cream on. Please put the cut strawberry. Cover it with fresh cream again. Cover the genoise Sheets. Please repeat one more time. Fill the sides with the remaining fresh cream. 180g Icing Cream 100% whipping
Raise less air bubbles at a lower speed, making it softer than sand cream. Whipped horns I iced on the marks. Decorate your strawberries as well. Strawberry cake
Round Fan Ø18cm
160 degree oven 33-38 minutesPublic Law
3 eggs
90g sugar
10g starch syrup
1g salt
24g unsalted butter
12g milk
90g soft flour
60g water
30g sugar
350g fresh cream
70g sugar If you like this video please subscribe and like it. Thank you for watching