my artistic career started when I was in kindergarten because I was drawing and creating artwork was the only thing I was actually really good at and I just gave me a lot of peace of mind when I was working and to be able to kind of create my own world and it just sort of evolved from there and I started taking a lot of technical classes learning how to paint and draw and understanding human form which led me to art school my drawing professor actually brought me into the print shop to draw on a stone instead of a piece of paper and it kind of got me hooked on prayer meeting you know I could have chose a different Avenue and thinking about how I express myself because I did a lot of landscape paintings and work that was considered more safe and I started to explore more concepts that were of personal meaning to me and that was a little more challenging just because you know you don't always have the support for that and so I would say more of my work is socially charged now it didn't start off that way it was sort of slow evolution but I don't make any apologies for it and it reflects like my personal family and my personal dynamic in this world and if anything I see my artwork is starting conversations I'm a big problem solver but I also like to help people a lot and so I think that's why I have enjoyed teaching so much over the years because each student that comes into my class I try to figure out what's a great importance to them and then see how they can create an image and then push them further to create the strongest artwork possible you can talk about concept and learning how ideas originate but I can't force someone to make something being an artist and really trying to be unique with your approach is enormous ly challenging and I constantly asked my students to sort of dig deep about those personal experiences and I'm often really surprised by what they reveal I have had students successfully make me cry during a critique and it was just the concept they have their artwork really raised naded with me and i wasn't planning on it but it just got me really choked up and because I saw how hard they worked with what they created we often asked our students to kind of bare their souls you know and how they create their artwork and it's I can't think of many other locations or majors or what-have-you and whatever your area focuses that asks you to do that I try to rejuvenate by watching science fiction and movies and I'm very visually oriented when I think about color I come up with a digital image and I will kind of think about what that ideas about what sort of memories that might evoke I'm a huge advocate of using top quality products because if you use inferior products I find that you don't get as controlled results and it's a little hard to predict how that material is going to work which I find to be very challenging and since printmaking is all about process and problem-solving I find it to be really difficult to try to come up with some sort of final image that you're going to be pleased with if you can't rely on the product so you're using you