Ravee: Hi guys~ It’s Ravee. Today I’m not alone. We have a very special guest Asuka: Asuka111 from Askuka111Art. I’m pleased to meet you guys. Ravee: Wow~ nice introduction Asuka: Of course~ Ravee: Today, We are going to talk about คำถามโลกแตก (I literally don’t know how to translate this word. RIP.) artist edition. (sarcastic title) Ravee: So… I’ve got this idea to talk about these questions that can have many different answers. Asuka: Um um Ravee: Most of the questions will be about the art community.
Asuka: Alright Ravee: We might have some sensitive questions, a risk of being a drama Asuka: Ah ah… I’m stress. Ravee: Lol Noo I know you don’t
Asuka: Lol Ravee: Ok, let’s start with an easy question. Ravee: First question, If I want to work in the art industry. What kind of course should I study? Asuka: Anything.
Ravee: So anything? Asuka: Right, When you are applied for a studio job. They don’t look at your degree. They look at whether you can work or not. This means They will most likely look at your portfolio. If you have some artwork that you have done before. Your portfolio may be considered for employment. But if you only have a degree, they are probably not interested in you. I have a mechanical engineering degree and am self-taught in art. So It’s a proof that you don’t need an art degree specifically in order to work in this industry. Ravee: What a flex Lol!
Asuka: Lol~ just a little flex. Ravee: I actually agree with you. However, I feel like nowadays a lot of art schools, specifically for digital drawing, become available options for people to choose. I mean if you want to study art. You can go that route. It’s easy to find a connection as well. But If you think you have enough strength and ability to study something else that you might be interested in it too. For example, You’re good at singing. You want to study music but also want to draw as well. I think you can do both but in that case, It would be more about time management. Asuka: Yup, time management. Ravee: To sum up this question, I feel like you can study anything. But if you study specifically about art, You should focus on it. But if you study something else… Actually, I think you’ll learn different perspectives from courses in different faculties that might reflect-
Asuka: into your own art. Ravee: Yes. I think for P’Asuka, since you studied mechanical engineering. It reflects in your art style that has like a …
Asuka: Structure silhouette. Ravee: Yeahh also sci-fi as well.
Asuka: Ahhh~ Ravee: Maybe because It’s something you’re interested in Asuka: Well… Even though, I chose to study mechanical engineering. I actually didn’t like it.
Ravee: Oh really? Asuka: I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at that time. Asuka: Back then, I knew I loved to draw. But I couldn’t be sure If I could survive as an artist with the state of economy at that time. Ravee: Actually, more into this question can be about, kids who know They want to study in art, but their parents aren’t supportive of their choice. Asuka: In that case, Art might have to be less prioritized. But in my opinion, I would highly suggest doing what you love the most. Asuka: If you have forceful parents. You have to communicate with them. Don’t be stubborn
Ravee: That’s true. Asuka: talking through it. Ravee: It’s the new generation already. Hopefully, parents will be more understanding. Asuka: I think nowadays parents support other things more than academics as well. According to when I was a teacher in art school. The tuition fee isn’t cheap but they still paid for their kids. Ravee: and send their children to study art, right?
Asuka: Yes. Ravee: What a casual talk we’re having here. We’re chatting and I’m eating as well.
Asuka: LOL What the- Ravee: LOL You can keep talking. Anything else you want to add on?
Asuka: That is it. Ravee: Ok ok. Let’s move on to the next question… Asuka: Maybe chew it up first? Ravee: LOL! Oh my god, I ordered the one with black sesame too. Are my teeth back? Asuka: I don’t think so… LOL Are you going to put this part in the video?
Ravee: *nodding* Ravee: Second question, Would it be considered wrong if my art style looks similar to other artists’? Asuka: Well…No, but It would be better if your style doesn’t look similar to others. Because… Let’s say the other artists have more advantages than you. E.g. the price. In terms of competition. They will have more advantages. Ravee: Or if they’re more famous, right?
Asuka: Yes. Ravee: Let’s say the other artists have cheaper commission prices.
Asuka: Then the customers would rather pay them, right? Ravee: And if they are more famous. It might be easy to get compared. Asuka: Yes. The best way is to have your own style. Which if you don’t have any intended to copy other artists’ styles. It’s impossible to have exactly the same style as other artists because everyone has a different life experience. Ravee: I absolutely agree with you. I think, in the end, the art style is a characteristic of each artist. If our style is similar to other artists. Let’s pretend at this moment, this style might be more mass and popular. But later on, what if it loses its popularity? What are you going to do, right? Ravee: So… If you have your own style. That would be better. People can recognize you from your style of art. Asuka: True. Also…Many people asked about ‘How to keep the art style?’ When I practice drawing. I don’t think about style at all. Ravee: Ahh… I see because you focus on- Asuka: I focused more on knowledge, principles of art. I focused on that more. Think of it as your handwriting. When you started to write alphabets. At first, You follow along the dotted lines. Later, you started to refine your handwriting since you have to write faster. Then you start to readjust to the most comfortable way for your hand to write. Ravee: That’s such a good answer! Asuka: Right? Your style is like your handwriting. Write a lot, you’ll get used to your own handwriting. Ravee: Next question, Can I practice drawing from actual photos? Asuka: Absolutely and you should be doing it. I don’t think anyone can’t really draw since they were first born. Ravee: I would compare it to the singers. When singers first started to practice singing. They probably start singing existing songs. They don’t have to make their own lyrics and songs in order to practice singing. As for the drawing, I think it’s ok to practice from not only photos but your favorite mangas or cartoons as well. You don’t need to be able to pick up a pen and start drawing perfectly. Asuka: That would be too impossible to be able to pick up a pen and start to draw everything. We need to collect, I called it ‘visual library’. The more you practice drawing things surround you. You’ll remember their structure and later on, you don’t need to look at references anymore. For example; If I want to draw a set of armor. Without any practice before, I would draw the armor based on the memories I have in my head. The result will look more like a symbol, not look like what you see. Also, since the set armor usually has joints. Well… this might be my personal satisfaction. I want to know how it works in order to draw it well. Ravee: Your mechanical engineering soul.
Asuka: Yup Asuka: Aren’t you curious about how the armor functions? How come our shoulders don’t get stuck When we raise up our arms? Asuka: Right? There’s the reason behind why the armor looks the way it is. This part has to be curved for us to be able to move our shoulders, something like that. Asuka: I appreciate the design, so I tried to study with actual objects. If I have a chance to see it in real life, I’ll survey it. If I have a chance to wear it, I’ll wear it. Ravee: Really?
Asuka: Um
Ravee: Ok. Asuka: Agree? Let’s say, if you want to draw Japanese school uniform. Wear it. LOL Ravee: LOL Soooo that means you wore it before?
Asuka: Nooo no no Ravee: To sum up, You can practice drawing from photos and you should be doing it. Asuka: Even better, try to study by looking at it in real life.
Ravee: Ah.. and wear it? Asuka: No no, no need to wear it.
Ravee: LOL Ravee: Alright, our 4th question. If you can draw in cartoon style. Do you have to be able to draw a realistic style as well? Asuka: Not really. I’ll compare drawing with building houses. When you try to study to draw realistic. You need to study the basics, which is the fundamentals of Art e.g. still life drawing. I’d compare these basics with tools for building houses. For example; Building houses required screwdrivers, hammers, saws, etc. If you have all the tools you need. You can literally build a castle. I’ll compare this to the artist with strong fundamentals of Art knowledge. So I think if you have a chance to practice basic art knowledge, then you should do it as much as you can. Ravee: I think, about this question, the person who asked this might be the situation, when he or she meets with people without any knowledge about art. Then, When people know he or she can draw. They would ask for a portrait of themselves or something along that line. So we might think we have to be able to draw realistic style as well as cartoon style. Asuka: Um…. Still not necessary. We can just draw a cartoon version of that person. So it’s more about catching the facial features of that person. Ravee: Um.. for this question, I think a standard answer would be not necessary. However, If you are decent at drawing. You’ve probably already studied some basics of art and those basics required you to draw realistic anyway. So it’s like, you can draw realistically at a certain point but it’s not necessary for you to be super good at it. Asuka: If you aren’t really interested in becoming a professional at portrait drawings. Then just have basic knowledge on how to proportion human face and body, that is it. Ravee: Yup. Basic is enough.
Asuka: Yup. That’s right.
Ravee: Yeah! Ravee: Ok, next question. Can I use photos as references? Asuka: Sure Ravee: Ok but some people might be confused with this because sometimes the reference photos they used are a designing work of others. For example; Designer clothes. Can you use it as a reference? Asuka: Well…Yes, but It might be controversial. Does the copyright owner ok with it? If the owner doesn’t think it’s fair-use. They have the right to sue you. Another point is it might be controversial on the internet. Ravee: True. Asuka: You might get a call out. So I would say, It can be used but you have to be careful about it. Ravee: So… It’s more like for inspiration rather than references?
Asuka: Um Asuka: Your own art should not have any part that resembles your reference photos. When you pick up some design elements from reference photos. You have to modify it a little bit as well. Ravee: Let’s have a sample scenario, say a commissioner comes up to you with another artist’s style as a reference. He/she asks you to draw exactly like this artist’s style. Asuka: Yes, but it’s risky. It’s your own work. What will other people think of you if they recognized your work is just a copy of another artist Even though, you think you got paid to do this. Ravee: Well… my commissioner told me to do so. Asuka: It looks like you aren’t wrong in this scenario. However, you can make a choice whether you’re going to accept the work or not. Ravee: It’s like…. the moral of it? Asuka: Right. If you’re uncomfortable. Then you shouldn’t do it. It’s a better choice, even though you’ll get paid. Ravee: But if the pay is high?
Asuka: Then let’s think again. LOL Asuka: Give it a consideration, whether it is worth it or not. Ravee: Earn lots of money but lose your reputation. Asuka: Shouldn’t do it if It makes you lose your reputation. A good reputation is harder to earn. Ravee: It takes so much time to build a reputation. Asuka: Yup, and it can fall apart in a day. Ravee: Next question, Why are some traced artworks are not wrong and some are considered wrong. Ravee: For example, I want to draw a glass of water. I take a picture of a glass of water and trace on top of the photo I just took. It’s fine in this example, right? Asuka: Um. Because it’s your own photo. Ravee: But If I saved pictures on the internet, Let’s say I saved a picture of some famous building that was taken by someone else and trace on top of it. Asuka: Maybe, If that picture has copyright. Asuka: Another case is photo hunted. Ravee: Right, It’s happened quite often in Japan, right? Asuka: Yes, Some people might be very serious about tracing. If you got caught tracing a lot, you might lose your reputation as well. Asuka: The best way is to not directly trace photos from the internet. Take your own photos, think of it as part of your workflow. Ravee: In my opinion, I think young artists shouldn’t trace too often because you don’t really get to practice when you do it. If you want to trace. You have to be smart about it, taking your own photos probably the best way for sure. Tracing can be used in some cases. For example; if you make a comic and you have to draw a repetitive background. I can understand in this situation, you can trace to save time. Asuka: Agree, Tracing does save time for you. Especially when you’re working with high production. If you have to sketch out the same objects in every frame. You might be unable to finish before the deadline. There are lots of ways to save time. For example; Taking photos of an actual place, then trace on top of it. However, It should not be 100% accurate with the original photos. In that case, adding a filter on top of the photos would be more convenient, Right? Ravee: True true. It should have a little bit of a human touch. Or using 3D for mocking as well. There are so many ways to do it. I don’t recommend using other people’s photos for tracing. Ravee: The conclusion is you can trace your own photos. Asuka: Yes. If you’re working against a deadline but forget about tracing if you’re trying to practice drawing. You can’t really practice with tracing. Ravee: True I totally agree. Ravee: Next question, Can I sell fan art?
Asuka: Yes, but selling fan art isn’t rightful. Ravee: What do you mean? Asuka: It’s sort of in a gray area because it’s copyright infringement. Ravee: So that means making doujin is copyright infringement.
Asuka: Correct. Ravee: This is something I think younger artists don’t know. Asuka: Um. Every character has copyright owners. So If you’re making fan art on this particular character and sell it. Can the owners be able to sue you? The answer is yes. Asuka: But will they do it? It depends.
Ravee: Maybe not? Oh? Asuka: They might not take it too seriously if you make profit in a really small amount e.g. only sell 50 books. It would rather help encourage more engagement within the fandom. Ravee: Encourage in the community, right?
Asuka: Yes yes. Ravee: In that case, they would allow it. Then there was that case, Ravee: Doraemon
Asuka: Doraemon Ravee: Can you tell us a brief Doraemon story for those people who don’t know about it? Asuka: At Comic Market convention. This one artist wrote the ending of Doraemon. The story was really good with a similar art style to the original Doraemon. I’ve heard the artist earns a lot of money. The copyright owner wasn’t happy about it and didn’t want Doraemon to have an ending. Even though the original creator already passed away. The copyright owner then sue that artist. That’s it. Asuka: You can make a fan-art. Just remind yourself that it’s in a gray area. Ravee: I think you can sell fan art but there is a limited scale that you can grow profits out of it. Ravee: If you don’t have consent from the copyright owners. You can’t really- Asuka: exploits the profit from it. Ravee: Yes, You can’t really exploit the profit from fan-art goods. It would be only for that specific fandom, right? Asuka: Yup and if you earned so much profit out of it. The owner will come for you. Ravee: P’Asuka, this is the last question. Ravee: the question is…. How to get hired? Asuka: Ah… If you don’t know where to start. Then start from creating your identity on the internet. At least you should have your profile. Asuka: Nowadays, It would be…. Instagram? Ravee: I think of Instagram as well. Asuka: Create your Instagram account and post frequently.At one point when your work starts to get popularity. People might start to send you a message and ask for a commission. From that point, you can take the commission more seriously. It should be something like that for beginners. Put your work on where there is a lot of traffic. Ravee: Right right. You can start from anywhere. Maybe create your identity by drawing fan-art. Asuka: Nowadays, you can do any type of content e.g. video, drawing, streaming, etc. At this current point, video and live streams are very popular. You can be seen more easily, If you put yourself out there. Ravee: I’m not sure about live stream drawing would have lots of traffic though. Come, live stream everyone, ~ Let’s do a live stream with me. Asuka: You guys can follow her Twitch, right here. LOL
Ravee: LOL!
Asuka: shameless plug LOL Ravee: Do you live stream? Asuka: I’m thinking about it but it’s probably not going to be a drawing live stream. I mean It’s about art but I’m probably not going to draw in the live stream though. Ravee: Oh.. a podcast?
Asuka: I feel like… People don’t really watch me draw. LOL Ravee: Really? Asuka: No, I mean It takes such a long time to finish one drawing. Also, I don’t think people would like to watch me draw for 2 hours, right? Ravee: No way, I’m sure someone would live to watch your stream! Asuka: There are some but they’re probably artists. I’m thinking- Ravee: Ohh are you going to do more like an entertaining stream? Asuka: Not very entertaining though. LOL More like giving knowledge to younger artists and drawing is just a part of the live stream. Ravee: Ok I see
Asuka: Yeah, I’m still not sure when I’m going to do it. Ravee: Alright cool! Ravee: This video is full of such good content. Which is something that this channel doesn’t really have? LOL Asuka: Because I’m here. Ravee: Asuka the ancient one. LOL
Asuka: I’m the wise man. LOL Ravee: Crap.. I feel bad now calling you the ancient one, sound old. LOL Asuka: That’s ok, my face still looks young. Ravee: Agree.
Asuka: We are 10 years apart. LOL Ravee: Alright, Please check out his channel. Asuka: My YouTube channel is Asuka111Art. Instagram @asuka111 and Facebook page @asuka111art. Ravee: Thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to this channel and his channel as well. Asuka: If you have any comments, leave them down below. Ravee: Any questions and concerns are welcome. If there are many likes on particular questions. I’ll try to answer them. Ravee: Ok. We are going to go now. Byee Ravee: wait, miss timing. 1 2 3! 0..0 Ravee: Yessss
Asuka: F-I-N-A-L-L-Y ! Ravee: This is our 3rd… or 2nd time shooting this? Asuka: Long story short, the first time, Ravee forgot to plug in her mic when we were recording. So we had to record for the second time. Ravee: Thanks P’Asuka so muchhh