♪MUSIC♪ JUAN CARLOS: Hi! I am Juan Carlos. I am in the Music program. Welcome to the School of Creative & Performing Arts. Whatever your passion is,
this is the place. I came here in 2006 and
I had the opportunity to play with one of the best
musicians in town and they all came to Humber. Give me 90 seconds, and I
will show you what I like the best of this
beautiful place. ♪MUSIC♪ JUAN CARLOS:
We offer so many programs that can help you
realize your dream. IDIL: My ultimate goal would be to write for TV, ideally something
I created myself. I came into
Humber really green, I had no idea how
to achieve my goals, but my time here has
helped me pave the way. JUAN CARLOS: Learn from
the star faculty who are leaders in their fields. GREG: A lot of the faculty was some of the top musicians in Canada. They’re still gigging,
which is quite interesting because you know these are
the people I’ll be working with ultimately when
I’m out of Humber, so it’s cool that I’m
learning from them. JUAN CARLOS:
See what I mean? Learn the business side of your chosen art. YOLANDA: There’s so much creation behind what we get to do everyday and I really do consider myself lucky to be here and
excited for what’s next. JUAN CARLOS: We have
alumni everywhere and they are the best in their field. Join them! ♪MUSIC♪ JUAN CARLOS:
So there you have it! Humber offers the best
and the latest in studios, stages and labs. Our faculty are the
best performers in town, all adding up to an experience that combines the best in theory and practice. See you soon! ♪MUSIC♪