Today I’m going to show you how to paint Arev
from Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon, right after this. Hey everyone Sam here from the Tabletop Hub,
your one-stop-shop for all things tabletop and today we’re continuing to paint through
the Tainted Grail core set. Now we’ve already completed the four Menhirs,
if you haven’t already checked that out there’s an annotation in the top right of your screen
where you can do so but today we’re getting stuck into the heroes which are going to be
a little bit trickier. Now if you’re new to my painting guides the
most important thing you should know is that I’m not a professional painter; if you’re
a beginner or you’re learning how to paint miniatures I’m right there with you. These guides are my way of showing you my
process as I learn and improve because at the end of the day if I can do it, you can
too, so let’s get stuck in. First of all, I gave the miniature a basecoat
with Citadels Wraith Bone Contrast Undercoat because we’re going to be using some Contrast
Paints to really speed up our painting process. Speaking of which, I then took some Militarum
Green Contrast Paint and painted Arev’s trousers, now don’t load too much paint onto your brush
and don’t try and tackle too much at once if you do this. Contrast Paints can be a little odd to get
used to, they dry quickly and they are incredibly prone to leaving streak marks if you haven’t
spread the paint out enough but it leaves a really nice finish in my opinion. So just take your time, take it in stages
and try your best to push that excess paint into the recesses. Next, I got Citadels Darkoath Flesh Contrast
Paint and began painting all of the areas of skin in much the same way, take your time,
don’t rush those Contrast Paints. Next, I used Citadels Snakebite Leather Contrast
Paint and painted Arev’s satchel, his cloth belt and the wheat that is inside his satchel. One coat was enough to get the coverage I
needed on those areas and with that done we’ve got the majority of the model actually painted
in no time at all! Next, I took Army Painters Oak Brown and painted
the shaft of Arev’s scythe. For the scythe blade I mixed one part Army
Painters Gun Metal and one part Army Painters Weapon Bronze, I equally painted Arev’s armbands
and jewelry with this mixture too. For the cloth that’s wrapped around the scythe’s
shaft, I used Army Painters Skeleton Bone, while you’re using the Skeleton Bone, feel
free to add this to the bands that tie’s the wheat together in Arev’s satchel. Next, take some Army Painters Leather Brown
and begin painting Arev’s boots and the straps that fasten his boots to his leg. Next, I took some of Citadels Basilicum Grey
Contrast Paint and carefully painted Arev’s beard and hair. You’re going to want to be careful you don’t
load your brush too much as it may run into the skin tones. Then I took some of Army Painters Wizards
Orb and painted what I saw as being Arev’s tattoo. It kind of looks like it’s part of Arev’s
necklace but I chose to go by the concept art for the character which had a henna tattoo
on this part of his arm, plus I think it adds a little more character to the model to paint
it in this way. Just note that you may need to add a couple
of coats until you get decent coverage here. Next, I took some of Citadels Kislev Flesh
and added a little bit of water just to thin it down a little. With this mixture I went around the skin tones
of Arev and added some subtle highlights, I paid most attention to his face and the
raised areas of his chest. If you did have some streaks when using the
contrast paints this is a good opportunity to mask those. Don’t feel you have to overdo it with highlights,
just add them to where you feel they make the most sense. For the base, I gave the ground a coat of
Army Painters Dark Stone and painted the stones with Army Painters Uniform Grey. The ground was then lightly drybrushed with
Army Painters Leather Brown where possible before I added some Citadels Nuln Oil to the
stones just to darken the recesses, I equally added Nuln Oil to Arev’s boots and bootstraps
just to darken them a little too. Once this had dried I drybrushed the stones
with Army Painters Matte White. And there we have it, one hero complete. I’m really quite happy with how this miniature
turned out and I definitely feel like the inclusion of the flesh tone contrast paints
have definitely helped me improve the look of the skin tones when painting overall which
is something I’ve really struggled with in the past. I’m going to be coming back to Tainted Grail
to finish off the other heroes we get in the core box so if you want to be kept up to date
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guide which I’ll link in the video description. In the meantime, I hope you’re all having
a great week and I’ll speak to you all soon!