today we’re going to do some Aquagold.
This is a 24 karat gold device that allows me to micro channel into the skin
some neuromodulator, today I’m going to be using Botox. So what that does is it
actually allows the Botox to tighten the pores it allows for tightness of the
fine lines especially underneath the hard to treat area of the crepey eye
skin above the lip and then those superficial lines that we get from
smiling and laughing. so here I’m closing the aqua gold you can see that there’s
these tiny little probes these are the 24 karat gold these will be stamped into
the skin really superficially several times and delivering product each time
again there’s some Botox some hyaluronic acid for hydration of the skin and
really simple easy treatment you’ll be pink for about maybe an hour so no
downtime no recovery