In this video we will show one method of adhering
watercolor paper to a panel. On our plastic covered work surface we have
a panel of medium density overlay also known as MDO. We begin by brush applying a uniform layer
of Soft Gel over the entire surface of the panel. It is critical to cover all areas of the panels
surface to ensure a proper and even bond. Apply the gel generously deposit enough material
for the surface to remain wet during the application of paper it is better to brush randomly to
reduce any patterning and to ensure even drying of the gel. While its not critical to brush out the high
points of the gel it could make it easier to glue papers down smoothly. After our surface is coated sufficiently we
bend the sheet of watercolor slightly and place it on to the wet surface of the board. Here be are using a brayer roller to squeeze
out any remaining air bubbles or excess gel. Place a layer of plastic sheeting over the
paper surface to protect it applying another board will evenly distribute the weight of
this gallon of Heavy Gel. Allow the panel to dry over night or ideally
24 hours before removing the weight, board, and plastic. As you can see we have a strong gel bond between
the paper and panel. Place a sheet of plastic down to protect the
paper surface and then carefully trim excess paper on a cutting mat. Now the panel is ready for use.