(singing) With people of the United States, in
order to form a more perfect union establish justice, ensure domestic
tranquility… This class is an opportunity to concentrate on two of the most
important creative forces in our functioning society: music and politics;
and how they merge and interact. To improvise to come up with something, you created something. So as it extends to how we interpret our laws, those laws
were created. So, we can delve into why how well-established there are, how well
they’re working, how we change them and use music and the ideas of improvisation
to kind of help bridge the gap. This is an opportunity for students to find
themselves stretched thinking about things that they don’t normally think
about. We’re going to maximize the opportunity to really explore and have
the students explore themselves, their ideas, how they come to be who they are
how they come to think what they think. You don’t have to be a musician, you
don’t have to be a political science person, but you have to have an interest
in things creative and we will find a way for you to fit in, because the final
project is we want the students to create what I call a blues illumination
of what the Constitution is, as a translation of the original document.
We’ll hear the blues in all its manifestations within our class, and then
we will understand the malleability of that structure, and we will understand
the malleability of the Constitution at the same time. I’m John Brown and I’m
Anthony Kelley and this is our Spring Breakthrough They may be thinking about taking a
spring break but I don’t think they–what you think they should take? I think
they should take a “swing break.” Let’s do this! Swing Break! Come
and take our class Ad Lib(erty)!