Hello Acrylic painting channel shootsketch Today we are going to draw an acrylic painting of Neon Sign Light Forest on canvas. First, I’ll squeeze pink and purple acrylic paint and spread it with a knife And mix the paint with a flat brush If you brush in one direction, it will be painted pretty (shield acrylic large paint) I will paint some dark purple acrylic paint again I’m going to draw grass with a fan brush I used black and green acrylic paint The brush is Huahong 220 I’m going to draw grass with a big shovel (asmr?) It’s fast and it makes me feel so loud Then I’ll use green acrylic paint I will use a lighter yellow green acrylic paint I’m going to draw a wooden pillar with a sharp knife (I love to draw wood with a knife) I’ll vary the thickness I’m going to rub with a dry fan brush I’ll draw the grass again with yellow green acrylic paint The brush is Rubens 2 I’ll use yellow acrylic paint I’ll express the bright parts simply with yellow acrylic paint I have a very small amount of paint on the blade of a painting knife. Now I’ll remove the masking tape As I draw every day, I’m already out of tape It is today acrylic painting of canvas painting completion Thank you for watching Subscribe and Like 🙂