Today I’ll show you how to get one
abstract picture paints. and you may be thinking
you need a spatula or any special tools. No.
I did that extra, with Materials and tools you
At home. the means, I do not have mixed pigments today i take arcyl color out of the bottle or tube.
You can put the paint directly on the canvas give. like now or I’ll take one
Spatula. you can also do a piece take cardboard, as shown in the other video. The color needs
just on the screen. I put it on the canvas and take this now Good piece and draw my color with it
over the canvas. that gives one wonderful structure. if you have several
bring shades of color to the canvas and then simply, with the tool, about it
go, then the colors flow into each other and how you see, you can
turn it, pull it differently, then it is different again.
then others are created structures I have to dry the paint once
leave because, I do not want any have color mixtures. I take
my spatula and you look, if with the spatula the color
applies, then arise exactly the same Template. there you can see that
the structures or patterns that arise are the same as with the
Window water extractor, which I use here. I do not know what exactly name , but maybe that’s just what it means
window cleaner. I do not know. I have let the paint dry because of me
now would like to blue here go over it without any color mixes
arise. So I do not want, like before, having color mixtures,
but, I want the blue like that have on how the blue is.
That’s why I have it dry once to let I turn the canvas. because I
the color, from top to bottom, better can pull.
you can change the tool too use it from the bottom up
above push the color. then new ones arise structures I have to dry it again
to let. I am now considering what I am for give it to it. I think that’s green, that
I like, and the red. but I first make the green and I think I will
then apply the red again. I want the green a little thinner. I do not like that blankly. and me yes I push the color
and look what it looks like. you see, you can just
take on the colors and patterns and to experiment a little. watch what
happens. now arise here stripes. Do you like me or not?
I know, frankly, just yet Not.
I try it. yes the green, I wanted only a little
have and already have red about it given.
in exactly the same way and work me now so through my area.
in principle, I find it quite good as it is right now
is and I just read it dry again.
Here I show you what it looks like. these
small structures that have emerged and that’s a great color game. so
if the blue on the up is the underground or that
turns green. the I like it quite well.
Oh, that should not be so but good
maybe it should be like that. but then right. yes, I dilute mine
colour. I wanted it light blue have and yes I did not know yet
how and now I give just my pale blue on it and how
you see, you can just do that too Brush stalk take and therefore the color
to distribute. You know that from the sea pictures, videos,
there I have also just taken the brush and the
waves applied to it.
That’s a good tool. Brush handle you can for it
good use. I do not have a correct plan.
I experiment. I like the blob quite well, but I have
i just made a different picture Now I want to do something different. Yes
well, such happenings happen or awkwardness that helps
that such things happen, that’s good are. I just had to think about it now
what I do with it now and have me decided, but continue my tool
to use and distribute the colors. yes you can so the colors again
wipe away because the bottom color has dried and I have too
explained more often in the videos. you can just in between
time to seal, then the color is too protected. or the area is still shining again
a few last paint splashes and orders, I do it here and then that’s it
picture for me too finished and me I wanted to show you that you just use these tools you can use at home. so i left the picture and
this is for you now as a stimulation, that you, with what you have at home
have, just start. That’s why the acrylfertig from the tube and no pigments. I also did this picture
but that’s what I’ll show you in mine another video.
I hope you liked it. I Of course I would be happy if you
likest and the channel subscribe. # Thank you!!!