hello here you see the picture, what I
introduce you today. there is a structure on the canvas
and that was then painted. How to make a structure paste
you can apply them, which ones tools and so on, I have
already explained in another video. there I do not go on it now
on. important is just that, before you Now start painting that your area
has dried through. I start with a first hue.
The picture should turn into blue turquoise white again because I like to be painted
want to have a another example to the pictures painted on aluminum foil.
I start again with a whole light color order. a lot of water,
that is, the color is very thin I can once again see what
is happening now at all, how reacted the color, how does it stay in the
structures, how does the structure become visible? the structure with a first you can paint very well
bring a lot of expression. but I know; I will go over the area a few times
because the color is often too fresh for me looks. you see, so I have very soft
transitions created by the paint with the dry brush elutriation. Now the surface is once dried
and I’m paint the next one here paint layer and leave the
Underground also shine through, so me take away again, as you do that from the
knows other videos. Apply color, Dust paint, paint again
take away yes and I do, as so often in the
Pictures and videos. whether objective or abstract
I can just make an interesting surface you always think:
“oh yes, looks pretty good again” Do I stop now? Can I leave it like this already?
best, just head turn off and just turn on the
engage in the work process. water admit, look how the color goes along
the water, color throw it, just have fun, just do it,
let go, experiment, there is still to come many layers which is great,
everything that you have in such a picture too learns and takes along, if you can do it.
yes, again in a different picture implement and then you remember that.
you think: I did that, how did I do that again.
You just look, or you just look here again video, I could do that
again use elsewhere. what i here also do just, I look like yourself
the picture surface with the blue tones divide up. yes, here you see very briefly as I do
a pigment in a finished acrylic, mixed Give color, it mixes with the shade and
in order to So I have a very dark blue one
strong turquoise, which goes into the blue, a white and a turquoise – what the green
I go and with this color I want design my color surface and if you then in such a division
pauses, then the picture just rotates around, looks, how it looks across.
Put it on the head and then paint the head
so to speak, another To get perspective for the area. The area is dried.
I’m take a paint now with the brush on. I rub
the color in the structure. in part she is just up, up
the upper structure. If I do that now Add water, I dilute it
the surface and let the paint, here to run. Take the drop color
up again. So the color is dry here The colors below are wet.
and if wet, lets they wipe themselves off differently. I take
more color than if they already is dry. the area is again
dry and it is dark dried. I’ll take those now
Canvas across and bring, for me, a new one picture in. yes, then turn it again and turn it on
very strong, try different shade. yes, even now I think; looks beautiful, beautiful contrast and such a beautiful splash of color on it. you can stand that way
to let. but it would not be enough for me and
you certainly not and I will the take it away again and try it
but quiet even more. the color is still wet. it does not dry that way
fast. That’s why I can stay calm continue experimenting again. more
more layers of paint are on top of each other the more depth comes into the picture. is in this spray bottle
water and you can do any discarded household bottle
take and could just clean the, fill with water and use. I’ll leave the color down now too
run again. I add water and just leave it that way. Above
I know now because I know the Would like to have color pastel. Here I’ll add black
because I also have all the color contrasts would like to see at once.
I want to know how the picture with depths with heights and with others
Shades looks like. you know the brush. So you can push the color and create structure.
you know that from the other videos. you can pass the color with it. Brush marks become visible
become. they leave a trail which then looks very exciting, as now, what created here, I like it very much.
also the black in here, that has leave great trails. so, I will
brighter and the paint dries always dark. I
work now again on one dry area and what I’ve shown many times
it still tries Let’s go, with a few scratches in the area. Because that’s how you can scratch in scratch
but you can also afterwards as Scratch on it. These tracks can
you also use. them well as subdivisions, in the horizontal. I give here now a glaze
on it and that mixes too Part with white from above. I’ll wear that
and wipe down some of it again. the dye, the underlying layer
on. Here I take the color again correctly
off, leaving the paint off the ground becomes visible again. That have
I also often in the other video shown with foil in the background. and even if you
think; Now she’s painting it all over, with a bright blue. It always arises
again color mixing. and now you have just seen me as well
Wet the surface simply a pigment and rubbed it in the paint.
I’ll get it sometimes quite different color mixtures out. it
parts remain from below. It really has everything on the value. you can take the whole picture with you
to make your shades. I like this like in such blue colors and if you like other colors, stay in your. that is easier. then give
a neutral, bold color tones like this also ocher. he mixes too
easy in the green, with the blue but he is neutral.
you can also see what you like in the video and can do exactly that
try out. that does not have to be worked on that long
be how I do that. just take it Get out parts that you use for yourself
can and then put it in yours Colors around. because you can always better
do something, if you like the colors. I really like the whole color play
and I just want an accent now put. I’m not at the moment
sure in what color. that’s pretty good, considering the
Just paint on the white paper paint on it, cut it short and then
puts on it. that can also be substances. As a color sample or a
Tape. Rip off some paper
a magazine. I like all three colors.
I take also all three, that is, me
but I also know that I do not Just paint on it and then stand
you there, on the surface, but I work them in.
So I paint one color over the other. take again parts away, I always take too
the approaches away, that’s just not the way just stands there, but that must
grow out of the plane and disappear again. without visible traces of
Tool. that is here
very good example of that somehow everything has its meaning, because that has
I already tried it, in the very first one Coat of paint. I already know that
what happens and That’s why I can be more natural with
handle the color and that’s nice. if you use the first layers you
try it out to get to know something after that, purposefully and safely
use. I also like this very much here
fine lines through this tool arise.
I wear it here, too up, take the color away again and read
partly in areas and let to partly the lines are standing. Here I wipe the color out of the
underground free. This is similar to the pictures
on aluminum foil. There I always have the foil
flash through. Here it is a bit more difficult because you
have to just in the underground the color paint, then you work out. you paint a line you when working on a slide
you already have, because the gold of the film flashes. Of course you could do that here, too
paint a skyline again, there Sailboats, you can imagine a lot.
Of course you can also chalk draw again, write on it,
like me in the other videos yes have often explained. I
but have left it so now. me likes this. It should be completely without purpose.
I hope you have the video please and i would be happy if
you like it or subscribe. Thank you for your interest and hopefully
Until next time. Best regards, Petra