oh hey it's Alex again so today's video is a part two or the part two of my day in the life video you guys seem to really like that video if you haven't seen it I will leave it linked on screen and down below but basically I'm gonna continue that today it has been a little while since I have done any work like that so yeah let me know if you'd like me to film more videos like this but I've got quite a bit to do today I've got a video going up I have a logo to design and just a whole bunch of different ad mini things that I always do and this day might turn into two days but we'll see so yeah to start with I have a video going up it is a raw Wednesday video one of my favorite ones to do and I have it edited and scheduled so here is my laptop as you can tell and I edit my videos on final Court Final Cut Pro and yes I did buy it I bought a few years ago and I love it still so definitely worth it and it's literally no editing to this video at all the clues in the name what row Wednesday I literally add the intro a little overlay and then the ending and the rest of it is literally just raw so yeah super easy to do it actually took longer to save than it did to edit and then I have it all scheduled and ready it's just finishing now and I always schedule my videos so here you'll see it says scheduled August 15 5:00 p.m. and then I have my tags and kind of like my generic things that I have in the description and yeah made the thumbnail I actually did the thumbnail a little bit different this time so I haven't put any writing on it because I think thought I didn't need it and I cut out my little face on here and then drew these little question marks I forgot what the word was for a question back then and then added a shadow so you can kind of see the difference with the shadow and let me know if you want me to do a video about how I make my thumbnails because it's second nature to me but I get a lot of questions about them so yeah let me know if you would like to see that and then the last thing I do is schedule it so I'm just about to schedule a tweet so I copy over the title and then I also add in the link and then add the thumbnail and then on this system which is called TweetDeck I schedule it so again 5:00 p.m. Monday the 13th no it's not Monday Wednesday the 15th of August and then it will tweet it automatically for me and this is super helpful when I'm not in the house so yeah that's that and this is tweet deck so it kind of shows my feed mentions notifications messages my own feed and then like tags and anything else I've got kind of on there so that is kind of my youtube set up as soon as this is done oh it's done I like to go into my creator studio and then over here in Video Manager I go over and just do some quick little additions on it so I always add an end screen on it so here is the video and then the last 20 seconds you can add an end screen so I just use the same one every time so I'm importing from an old video pressing import and then you'll see in a second so I've got the little subscribe button and then two video suggestions and that's that done I also like to add cards on there sometimes so I will kind of skip through sometimes I like outright say that I'm going to add a card and then I have to go through and check the time in but for now I'm just gonna add a summer in the city card because I spoke about some in the city and then I'm gonna put one at the end as well and for this one what should I put on this one day in the life shallowly might as well so that's kind of that done I've already got the description done and any like enhancements so that's literally it so what I'm gonna do now is wait until five two which is when I have an alarm set on my phone to make sure that I can sit and do it I have an alarm set for 4:40 no four fifty five pm Monday Wednesday and Friday and I like to sit on my laptop until at least 6 p.m. like replying to comments and making sure I've like kept up to date with everything which I haven't actually had a chance to do with the past few videos because I've been out and working so I'm actually going to go through my comments now and do some replies it is that time of day okay so I've replied to so many comments I've still got a few to go actually so I'm going to do that for the next five minutes and then I'm gonna check the video uploads and schedules okay I get quite nervous until I know that it's all up and done okay I have checked on the progress of the video it's gone up fine and there are people commenting so it has reached at least a few subscription boxes which is rare nowadays and now I'm going to get on my iPad and continue the logo that I was designing the last one I have been in such a creative block that I haven't been what I have but I've just not really made much progress with this logo thankfully the lovely girl who asked me to do it for her Marci it's been a super understanding and I think she just gets it so that's very very lucky to have a client that's understanding so yeah I'm gonna sit on my iPad now and just see if I can draft out a few more ideas whilst my brains feeling a bit fresher and just see how we go and then I'm gonna develop them on my laptop again I think the ones I made I did like but I just need to kind of refine them a little bit I like the idea of using like scroll writing so something along these lines I was kind of playing around with this that was clearly upside down um but I do really like that now I'm looking at it again I think I've just been super self-critical which is important important but it's also important to take a break so you can make reevaluate and judge how you're doing I do really like this actually now I'm looking at it I like a lot more than I think I liked it last time I looked it so so I've had drawn this and it says fitness and I'm thinking to combine like the previous what I did and do like mind-body Fitness will do the mind and body in like a normal font so maybe if I send this over to my laptop and see like what it looks like however there's a play around I might do that so I'm just gonna save this so just in case you want to know how to export so this is the file here and it has one behind it that was kind of tracing off and you can see it's like a textured pencil and so up here I'm going to turn off stencil layer behind it and then the background so now it's just a clear object and then open the top corner here there's a little cog and I can share as a PNG and then it will pop up with my laptop because my laptop is ready and next to me and then with theory a laptop will beep and it will appear on here and there we are so open this with I'm gonna open it with Photoshop for now and we'll see how it goes so that is my file it is a PNG and it's got a clear background so I'm just playing around with the fonts and I thought I'd show you this little trick that I like to do so I've gone into the fonts layer and selected Suns serif at the top sans-serif basically means it doesn't have any like flicky accent bits it's definitely a name for that and then serif is all the ones that do have flicky accent bits like you see what I mean they have little twiddly bits on the corners I love my technical terms and but I want something sans-serif and something quite boxy maybe so we'll look at that go and then I'm thinking I'm doing it all in capital letters so rather than typing it out in capital letters every time you can go into here into character and if these options aren't up on your Photoshop you can do it like in here and add character and then you click this little thing here that's 2 capital letters and it says all caps and it changes it for you so I might try this I'm gonna play around with the spacing again I know this has technical terms but I am really bad with that kind of thing so I'm going to make the letters further apart from each other so again this little symbol here that's a VA it's called the tracking it's just told me thank you for a shot and you can change the numbers and it separates the words a little bit like separates the characters from each other so I'm thinking if I separate it a little bit play around with it and see and I think I'm gonna bring it back into my iPad and like rearrange how I've written fitness like I kind of like the style of it well the shape doesn't really fit in see it's all it's all about like experimentation like the first design you do you're not gonna like and that's just kind of a given so maybe if I try it with a circle around it so what I've done is brought the files back into my iPad and I'm reducing the opacity of this layer so if I just would you see opacity down and I'm gonna redraw over it you'll see on the little screen in certain thing I'll show you in a little bit that I kind of trace over it again so I'm gonna give it a few goes we'll see what it looks like and I now I've put it into my iPad again I think I'm gonna change the font at the top I think I want something a little bit more delicate and let the fitness part of it stand out and now I've got my Wacom drawing tablet and I'm going to tweak that little bit of calligraphy that I did so what I'm gonna do is enrich trace it's and now put it in Illustrator and I'm gonna go up and image trace it and then it means I can kind of adjust it and it's still a vector and it's basically going to draw my drawing for me into like a digital image so what is showing me now is the result of it doing it and if I show you that you can see the outlines and I do want it in black and white so that's perfect so I'm going to expand that and then hopefully when i zoom in you'll be able to see that it's got different points on it so each little point I can move so I can make the shape more smooth more fat more thin and I'm going to go through and play around with it like for example I'd like that gap to be bigger there's a little bit of a bump there just kind of smooth the edges so we'll see we'll see how this one goes I've also just remembered that the video has just gone up so I'm gonna reply to some comments before I do the logo this is what I do I bit involved in between different things that I need to do and I think as one of you guys commented actually on the last day in the life video it's because I've got a creative mind I can't concentrate on one thing for long so yeah I'm gonna switch back to YouTube mode and reply to some comments make sure it's all going down all right and then I'm going to continue doing doing the logo in a level of you I spent the last two hours not doing a great deal I received like a kind of hard-hitting piece of news which kind of just threw me off so I've just taken some time for myself don't worry with his fine like it's nothing directly affecting me it just kind of hit home but yeah so I've been sat on my bed I've watched a few videos I've looked into a few kind of different design platforms that might I might find useful there's the thing I've seen called QuickBooks which is supposed to help with invoicing so I might look into that a little bit further if any of you guys know anything about that let me know because for right now I just do my own invoicing and I'm constantly chasing invoices honestly I spend like so much of my time waiting for invoices and I'm currently waiting for about four so yeah and now I've decided that I'm gonna go downstairs and I'm gonna look into planning some videos and for next week and I'm thinking of doing more DIY videos because after posting the raw Wednesday video that I posted like on Wednesday for you guys and you guys have just taught me to do something I look and obviously it's a no brainer I always want to make things I love and I've kind of rekindled my love for DIY which is why I bought this thing and it's like a tripod so my camera screws into here and then this clips onto things and this is why I bought it to clip onto my shelves and film the table with me doing DIY video so that's what I'm gonna do I've got an idea for a video on Monday so I'm gonna go back downstairs I need to change my scenery up I think that's super important if you get in like a bit stale working one place to change your scenery so I'm gonna go downstairs got my feet off a piece from your bunny is about half-past seven at night for and I'm in the house by myself so I'm just gonna work downstairs and continue working until I kind of lose motivation I know you shouldn't really work like too late but I've always been that kind of person that just kinda gets a bit addicted to working so that's the plan I'm gonna tag my office first and I'm dumped into a great Sherman and tied in my office it's a couple of days later and I just wanted to continue this video I realized these day-in-the-life videos are more likely gonna be days in the life of a designer and youtuber but we're just gonna leave it as it is but today I am going to continue finishing the little logo I need to refine the edges make it look a little bit neater and then I'm gonna send it back to Marcy and see what she thinks and also I have a youtube video to finish and I have a Instagram campaign to film so I've just filmed three Instagram stories on my phone and I'm about to airdrop them over to my laptop and send them over to the client they actually want it to go live today so I told them I get it to them by 2:00 p.m. it's now ten past one time on time I'm just going to send it over and get everything sorted and hopefully that can get approved ready to go it was quite last-minute which happens quite a lot to be honest review tube stuff well it's fine it's a good job I was quite free today anyway so I'm gonna get that done and then we'll get back to the logo design in I also forgot to say I posted some merch this morning so two of my charity posters got purchased and so I'm just gonna mark the Yee's as sold and sent off so I've got like an Etsy app on my phone and I find this the easiest way and I can just mark it as shipped here mark as shipped yes please logo is pretty much done for now I'm gonna send it as it is to see what the client thinks before I go any further because otherwise I could just end up wasting my time so that's kind of the idea I've come up with it's got the circle on it and the handwritten part same fitness and then I can mess around with it with colors and stuff once I've got kind of like the layout sorted but yeah I'm gonna send that to the client now and see what she thinks that is pretty much it for today so now I need to wait for the reply from the client so I guess I'll do another day in the life of a designer video but I hope you've enjoyed this video if you have give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more freelance design you to be creative content whatever on earth I'm gonna make I am excited to get created so I hope people join me on this little journey and I'll see you very very soon for another video bye