how to make 90s instagram edits using FREE apps *Link for iOS and Android in the description box !! Attention Android Users!! I have included how to make a custom 90s edit filter and effect without Prequel. Keep watching to learn how. PREQUEL Prequel have removed their watermark! Prequel allows you to crop your photo/video for these ratios Click on the “effects” tab Swipe ->and choose “disco” or “diamond” to view the sparkle effects options Now that they have removed their watermark, Prequel is the easiest way to make the 90s Instagram Edit The filters give off the perfect amount of gaussian blur/soft focus glow that is characteristic of the 90s instagram edit theme You can adjust the intensity, filter, scale and rotation of the sparkle effects SNOW: Free on both iOS and Android Import a photo and select “frame” to add the effects to a VIDEO in the Snow App Click on “effect” to find the sparkle options You can also adjust the intensity of the effect here There are some cool effects on Snow for a unique 90s instagram edit and theme how to make a custom 90s instagram filter on Snow Step 1: Click on “effects” Choose “filter” ->”movie” Choose from the movie filters to get a soft-focus glow like the ones on Prequel Step 2: After you’ve added the filter, choose “bling” to find the sparkles You can adjust the intensity You can save your project as a photo or a video to show off the sparkles even better SO COOL! And there’s even more… You can access EVEN MORE EFFECTS by clicking the “effect” tab BEFORE importing a photo Some are extremely unique SPARKLE CAM Choose a photo and click on the sparkle tav to find the effects Adjust the intensity and add a filter if you’d like Comment below if you want to learn how to make moving photos like this Sparkle Cam is best used for adding the effect to your photo/video without an intense filter. It looks great on selfies, jewellery, lights and videos with a lot of movement. Thank you for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos every week 90s Instagram Edits: How to add sparkles to photos and videos FOR FREE | For iOS and Android