Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I am going to do a full thumb?
No Right, ok, I’ll explain what it is. We’re gonna paint the whole thing blue and then we gonna do… Adam: Don’t explain to me, explain to them.
Kirsty: Okay We gonna do the whole thing blue, whole nail blue. And we’re going to create a closed rose on the whole entire nail. Adam: That was the worst intro ever
Kirsty: I know…Definitely need to do it shorter than that So, if I get the closed rose, well, as we normally do them sort of, as they are opening, they’ve got like a swirl in the middle. This is like, you know, I think they call it a cabbage rose. Don’t laugh at me. I swear there is such a thing as a cabbage rose Adam: Hey Siri! is there such a thing as cabbage rose? JJ: *laughing* What are you doing? Kirsty: What? Hey Siri! Are cabbage roses real? Siri: My web search turns something up for ”cabbage rose is real.” Have a look Adam: Cabbage rose is called so because of their numerous petals. There. Kirsty: So, there is such a thing as a cabbage rose.
JJ: Is that what you were thinking then? Kirsty: Kind of. Something like that Behold, we have a ballerina-shaped nail I’ve already created with the brush and the acrylic. Oh my God! Look, it just happened. Bing! Bing! And I’ve used cameo pink for this nail. It doesn’t really matter what colour, as long as you have the nail created already. I’ve cleaned this nail already and we’re gonna go straight in with our colour, which is A0795 and may have a name. I’m sure it’s some beautiful name. It’s very nice colour. It”s basically navy sparkly bit. I’m gonna put two coats of this colour. Pop me that in the lamp. Second coat, you can see with one coat it’s pretty rich. It’s like a million dollars rich. So, you can see the pretty sparkle. It’s like the starry night. Going to top-coat this now with the Urban Graffiti Top Coat And you can cure that for me now, JJ. Now, I’m gonna show you something that I love. I love Naio Nails’ 3D sculpture gel. It’s thebomb.com. Just look at that! Gonna take some of this out. I bet you’re thinking that doesn’t look like gel, that looks like *play-doh*. You’d be right in thinking that. It definitely isn’t. This is a 3D gel that cures in LED light In my little dish here. I have a shot of vodka. No, I don’t. it’s not that time of the day yet. I’ve got some gel residue wipe off solution. I’m gonna need that with my 3D brush. We’re gonna use the 3D brush with the gel residue wipe off solution, to create a full nail that looks like a rose. So, basically got a rose on it from top to bottom. We not just gonna do like a little one in the corner. Not a little one no, no, we get to do a full nail. So, this colour is just the background and we’re gonna start in the middle and sometimes we start from the outside. But no, not with the Closed Rose. Closed Rose will start from the middle like this. So, we’re gonna do a halfmoon kind of sweep here. We’re actually gonna pull it out so it’s a little bit sort of backwards, I suppose than what we normally do when we do a rose. So, it normally be the other way around, won’t it? We press out this way. We’re doing it the other way. You’ll see the different effect that it gives. We gonna flash-cure that. I’m just cleaning that residue off with my brush and the gel residue wipe off solution. You can see that it’s nice and raised and the nail is still clean. Pop that in the lamp. So we just flash-cured this, so it’s now stiff. It’s not complete cured but it’s stiff. So, it’s stiff enough for us to work next to it without disturbing it. Now, we’re gonna do another petal to take a little bit of that off. The beauty of this product is it will not set until you put it in the lamp. You can keep molding it. It’s so easy to work with, it really is. So some of you that have got into to the routine of doing your roses from the outside in may find this a bit unusual, but surprisingly, if you concentrate, it really is simple. JJ: What would happen if you have too much gel res on your brush. Nothing? Kirsty: You just keep making sure you clean your brush out and you can always just clean your nail as well with it. If you add too much, it’ll just go a lot softer. So when you’re touching it, is that what you mean? when you touch it a bit, you’ve got a lot on there, It’ll just go softer. It will eventually evaporate though. And I don’t need to flash-cure that one because I’m going to come round here now. I’m not going to touch it. So, just scrape it off onto the nail. You’re patting and pressing this way. So you’re still treating it like acrylic, you just got to make sure you clean your brush. So I’m going to finish off with some lemon cuticle oil. And there you are! 3D Closed Rose, full nail design! There you are guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed the video. Don’t forget check us out on Facebook and Instagram and all the products will be listed below. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye!