– [Narrator] Hi
everyone, Kristina here, welcome to another card
video at my YouTube channel and blog. I’m gonna jump right into
this and I’m going to be showing you three
different ways to make DIY shimmer paper. The first product I’m
using is some glitter paste from Bo Bunny. Got three colors here
in Caribbean, Lavender, and Bubblegum, and they’re
so sparkly and pretty, I really really love
this method of making DIY shimmer paper. It’s not even shimmer,
it’s glitter paper. So I’m starting out with
the pink shade and I’m putting down a really thin
coating using this pallet knife from ranger. This is a really
inexpensive pallet knife, I think it’s like
$1.99 or something. But you do still want to
clean it off in between color so you don’t mix the
colors in the jars. But I’m just adding on some
of the purple and I’m kind of swishing back and forth
to get those to mix just a little bit. And after you have it
kind of evened out, you can move onto
th enext shade. So I’m gonna go into the
Caribbean blue color and I’m kind of bringing that up
into the purple a little bit. Kind of spreading that out. You want a pretty even coating
of glittery paste because you don’t want big chunky areas. But even if you do it’s okay
because I am going to be dye cutting with that
circle dye and that will sort of flatten everything
out and even everything out before I put it on
my final project. So I’m gonna add a little
bit more of that pink down at the bottom because
that circle dye was a little bitter than my area. I’m also gonna bring in
the purple once more just because I didn’t like that
there was that patchy area kind of up there in the center. So I’m just bringing that
purple in so that I can get a better color shade difference. So spreading that
out really lightly. Then I’m gonna set
this aside to dry. I actually let it dry
overnight ’cause this was pretty thick glitter past,
but I think you might be able to work with it
after a few hours. The next method for creating
DIY shimmer past is to use some pearlescent paints. I’m using these paints
from Fine Tec Today and I’m going to use three
different colors. So I’ve got some watercolor
paper on my board here and I’ve taped it down. And I’m starting with this
gold color and I’m just sweeping that across
my watercolor paper. And then I’m gonna go ahead
and move to a green color. And then I’m actually, I’m
using four colors, not three, I’m using four colors, I’m gonna go to a blue
and then also to a purple. And in the end you could
actually only see about three of the shades because
the circle wasn’t as big, but I think it works
out really really well. So the one thing I did
want to note about use this Fine Tec pearlescent
watercolors is that when you paint them onto a white
surface like this watercolor paper, they go on
very pale at first. You have to really build
layers of color in order to get that big pay off. But if you want to go straight
to that really intense shade you could actually
use black card stock or pre-paint your watercolor
paper with black watercolor and let it dry and then you
can paint this over the top. And because that black
surface really brings out the colors in the
Fine Tec paints, that is a little bit of a
faster way to get to that really intense color. So I’m hoping I can show
you guys that technique very soon, I’m hoping to
put that into a card video and then you can
see the difference. But since I was working
with wet watercolor paper today, I just did layers
and layers of color. And when you do it this way
you also have the opportunity to get those colors to really
mix and kind of the shades to change more gradually. So there is an advantage
to doing it this way, as well. Gonna add a little more
green over the top here, and kind of bring
that all the way down. And then I’m going to
heat set this to dry, just because I’m impatient. You could definitely
just leave it to air dry if you wanted. But I tend to use my heat
tool more often than not just to speed up the process. So the third way to
make DIY shimmer paper might be my most
favorite way, as of late. And this was the first
time I’d actually done it. And the end result is fantastic. So I’m starting out by
blending some colors using distress oxide inks. I’ve used Broken China, I’m
now using (mumbles) Violet, and then I’ll bring
in some Worn Lipstick. I’m just trying to get a
nice saturation of color and have these colors
blend one to the other. So I’m gonna bring in this
Worn Lipstick and so sorry for the camera
going out of focus. I’ve sped up the video, I wish
I could blend this quickly, but that’s just not
physically possible. But even when I didn’t have
it sped up and it was just the camera recording in real
time, I was moving rather quickly and it caused the
camera to not really know what to focus on. So there is a little
blurriness there. So I’ve got those three
colors all blended and I’m checking it with my dye to
make sure it’s the right size and kind of enough color
shown for each shade. And I put a little box down
here and I’m going to use this glitter dust spray, and
this is in the color silver. It’s so super easy to use, I
just did a little test on the side and then I’m gonna come
in a spritz all over the top of this blended
piece of card stock. And it puts down a very
fine mist of glitter, and not only that, but after
it dries it says to let it dry for two to three
minutes, but of course, like I said before I was
impatient so I used my heat tool and it looks glossy and almost
wet so I thought for sure when I touched it it would
come off on my hands, but it was amazing. Nothing is coming up. Even with the distressed
oxide inks getting wet again, I was super amazed. It’s almost like it put
a plastic coating over the paper, really really cool. So I was able to immediately
go in and dye cut this piece. There was no drying time
involved since I sped that up with my heat tool. So I’m using this circle
dye from Simon Says Stamp. This is one of the nested
circle dyes and I’m just running that through twice
to make sure that it cuts cleanly. And I really love how
this one turned out. I think it’s my favorite,
like I mentioned before, my favorite way of getting
some hombre glitter paper because it’s just
so super shiny. I then used the same circle
dye to cut that Fine Tec watercolor painted piece. And so I’ve got those two. And then I’m gonna bring
in that glitter paste from Bo Bunny and because it
was such a super thick coating of glitter on the
one side, it didn’t cut all the way through. So I will come back to this
later and finish cutting it out, but for now
I’ll just set it aside. Gonna use three different
thanks type dyes. The first one is Thanks
Scripts from Mom Elephant, then I’m using the Thank
You dye from Avery L and then I also have the
Thanks Word 2 dye from Paper Smooches. And I’m going to dye cut
all three of these at once at our some Nina Solar
white card stock. Then I’ve got the thank
you wishes stamp set from Mom Elephant and I’m going
to be stamping this and heat embossing it onto some Licorice
Twist card stock from Basil. So I have my little gridded
transparency sheet in there, that helps me line up the
stamps, give me a guideline for how to get these stamps on
here perfectly straight. Then I can swing my misty
door over, peel up that grid, and then I’ve exposed the
stamps and I can go ahead and start stamping. Prepping the black card
stock with a power tool to cut down no any static cling
that might make the embossing powder stick to areas
where I don’t want it. Then I inked up my stamps
with (mumbles) mark ink, swung the door over,
and stamped down. So that’s a super easy
way to get all three sentiments stamped
at the same time. I sprinkled on some Hero
Arts white embossing powder and tried to share off the
excess and really tapped it hard and then I heat set
that with my heat tool. And I’m going to cut
these out by hand. I think you definitely could
cut them out with a paper trimmer and you’d get
straighter lines and not as many crooked areas, but
they were so small I didn’t want to bother with that. I think created three card
bases, one for each circle that I created and I scored
them at five and a half to create top folding cards. So now I’m back to that
glitter paste piece and I just used my scissors to finish
cutting out that circle. The grooves were already
there from the dye, so it was super simple
just to finish that up. Then I took some foam adhesive
and put three strips on the back of each circle
and then I was able to line them up on each card
base and put sentiments on and finish the cards. These were super
simple and easy. I kind of liked experimenting
with three different ways to create shimmer paper and
then have the same design and have three different
thank you cards at the end. So in order to adhere
the dye cut gradient, I used my tweezers and also
some ranger multimedia mat and I just lined that
up and pressed that down onto the glitter circle. And to keep it in place
while it dries I did end up placing an acrylic block
on top and that just holds it down long enough
that it has a chance to dry. To adhere those black greetings
I cut my foam tape into three narrow strips and
then put that on the back of the small greeting and
pressed that down onto the card. So I love how all
three cards turned out, the shimmer is just so
pretty and you kind of have a different look and feel
to each one of these because of the amount
of shimmer, glitter, or pearlescent finish. I think they’re all really fun. Thanks so much for
watching today’s video, this pretty much wraps
up all three cards. Hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks again for watching
and I’ll see you very very soon for a new card video. (upbeat music)