hey folks its Oliver again welcome back
to my channel today I’m going to be talking about the stuff people say about
digital artists for a beginner these things can be really hard to hear and I
wanted to debunk some of them right off the bat so none of you feel discouraged
To follow this topic I’m doing a digital drawing this time yeah it’s
actually easier to record an edited digital stuff I don’t know why I don’t
do it more often it’s easier to get a nice finish on it
so I’m primarily a digital artist that’s how I do most of my Commission’s and
what I spend most of my time and money doing I spent years and years seeing as
familiar with the technology as I have and believe me
I have heard it all the first and most prevalent thing people say about digital
artists is that digital art is just too easy or digital art is cheating and
golly gee if I had a dime for every time the person saying that also followed it
up with oh but I don’t know how to do it I can’t figure it out
like yeah it’s almost like it’s a skill set you have to hone and learn just like
any other artistic medium sure there’s a few shortcuts but literally every other
medium that I’ve been taught has had the professor saying do this it’s easier and
quicker and get you better results like 20% of learning a new medium is just
learning how to use it at all and then the rest of it is learning to do it
faster and easier so like calling something too easy feels
like a cop-out to me it sounds like you’re just bitter and I don’t want to
you know bitter grapes thing I don’t want a bitter grapes this but it just
that’s what it sounds like when it’s like oh well I can’t do it so it’s it’s
too easy or something like that that’s just a really weird conundrum that I
heard another thing that people say into digital artists a lot is that you don’t
get a relationship with the work that you do with traditional work like you
don’t get into the paint or the clay or covered in charcoal doing digital and
this would sort of confuses me because if you can forego all the mess
of it why not I mean there’s a different type of mess you’ve got your wires
you’ve got your cords you’ve got your laptop but it’s not you know it’s not my
biggest fan as the next guy I’m getting in paint but honestly I’m just as proud
of my digital art that I worked hard on and experimented with as I am with
traditional art that I worked hard on and experimented with once again it’s
just a different medium and messes come in different mediums all the time you
wouldn’t bash watercolor just because it’s not as messy or messier than oils
that’s you know that just doesn’t make sense to me
the third thing people say to digital artists the ever-popular digital art is
not real art which genuinely bottom of my heart I do not understand I really
don’t like I put time and effort into this piece I needed specific tools to
get this done I need to spend years getting these skills
it’s a visually stimulating and interesting piece just because it’s
displayed on a screen instead of on canvas or cold-press doesn’t make it any
less art than something that is I’m sorry if I don’t have much more clever
input than that but it’s truly baffling to me but someone can look at that and
think that’s not real art the only thing I can pick is that they have a gross
misunderstanding of what goes into digital art I’ve gotten all of these and
can take them with an eye roll and a shrug thankfully this mindset sort of
seems to be going the way of the wind but I still heard these things in school
from other artists in class and it baffled me to hear them from artists
like we’re being taught all the mediums that’s the idea of going to art school
again it if it’s not for you but that doesn’t make it a lesser art form like
I’m really bad at ceramics I’m not familiar with it nor do I care to be but
you don’t hear me saying that’s not real art that’s just dirt water heated until
it’s melted I don’t I would say that how garbage does that sound so these are the
three big things that people say about digital artists and why they are all
really misguided like I said in the beginning if you’re a new artist and
you’re just getting started you might be really discouraged to hear some of these
things and I just wanted to clear the air and make sure you know that digital
art is incredible not to toot my own horn here but it is great
and you if it’s how you want to pursue your craft you have every right to do
that and that’s concludes our broadcast day leave a like if this video helped
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heard any other weird stuff said about digital art or about any medium really
I’m really curious this do people say that like about ceramics like ceramics
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