Hello and good morning, my name is Amber my art handle is Meraki Painter And today I’m coming at you with another digital drawing now. Usually I do watercolor paintings if you have seen my work online, either it be Here, Facebook, or Instagram is my main one, or Pinterest and Twitter now, so I got a whole bunch going on but Recently if you don’t know I have acquired procreate and a new stylus which I’m going to be talking about later on towards the end of the speedpaint. now, I’m doing some digital artwork, but I’m still going to be doing my watercolor artwork as well I’m just doing that and a mix of digital work, now since I’m new at digital art work I haven’t quite found my style or the way, I want to do it yet. So I’m still working on that but let me talk about the Painting you’re seeing real quick. This is actually for a prompt so it will be in my Prompt playlist on YouTube. But yeah, this is for procreates #artmash. procreate on instagram and I think they announced it on Twitter – I’m not sure but they Post in their stories each week, a new prompt. They do three of them You can do one, you could do all, you could do two, so I decided to do all of them the prompts were tree, cafe, and fairy This is what popped into my head and I actually think the execution was pretty good Considering, never doing a full Illustrated background before with digital art so I’m pretty happy with this And I even got like some shadows on the floor And basically what the gist of it is if you can’t tell is you’re in this Forest and there’s like a little empty plane and you can see like a fallen log but you also see it slightly over to the right a Tree trunk and it’s been cut down and it is being used as a tabletop and they have a little like tea set and a little tablecloth and one fairy is the worker for the cafe and she is pouring the tea she’s got like a little apron on and she’s pouring the tea for this other fairy and She’s using her magical fairy dust to levitate the cup to pour the tea and I Also thought it would be super cute to add a more normal sized tea set so that the cups like extra large compared to them and they had to like use two hands or something and She’s like filling it up to the point where it’s like spilling out. I don’t know It’s kind of a silly drawing but still cute and then I added like little Tulip spread throughout the field and that was actually really super simple. I just did like little V in the background I found this Color palette online on Pinterest because I was having problems imagining what kind of colors I can incorporate this time around so I Got some inspiration off Pinterest and stole that person’s color scheme. It was like a color scheme for decorating a house And I was like that’s cute. I’m gonna use that. So yeah, I think The way I’m editing this works pretty well If you watched my last video I was talking about I didn’t know exactly how I was going to edit the videos, like what footage I wanted to use and so For this video. I’m only going with the actual procreate made Time-lapse that’s on the drawing app and that I’m just zooming in on the parts that I’m working on I’m also using this new brush set. I forget exactly who it’s by but I will link her below and yes, she made it and it’s for like glowing effect single letter and Pretty cute. I’m actually really happy I have it because it will fulfill my style very well and I’m really excited to use it on a portrait drawing till this painting took so many strokes on the canvas to make It went pretty quickly, I think but Compared to the last time I think it was like ten thousand Strokes on the canvas that I was talking about less for the last painting and I was like, oh my god, that’s so much okay, this one has like 23,000 in like twenty three thousand two hundred ten or something like that. Forget exactly how much but yeah it’s like crazy amount more because of that the the time lapse that procreate automatically makes was fifteen minutes and thirty seconds long, so I did speed it up. So it’s not a full 15 minutes I decided to go mindless for this piece Even though I could have added the lines and that’s what I was deciding to do in the beginning anyways But I decided against it once I started putting in shadows I thought it just added to the charm of it if it didn’t have any lines and Yeah, this is what I would have looked like it just about if it did have lines Like I decided against that and I wanted to add a little bit of color in the background To the sky because I just thought it was a little bit empty. Let me talk to you about the stylist for a second So this is the stylist. This is what it looks like and when I use it, and yes, I Flipped my phone over without a case just to show off the back. I just think it’s so pretty This phone is it new or anything. I just still think it’s pretty Oh Oh, yeah. Anyways, I Didn’t want to make this I didn’t want to title this a stylist review because this is the only stylist I’ve ever had Like I said, I am new to the whole digital art scene But I have had it for like 3 weeks now. I want to say and it’s worked perfectly fine for me and my device I use it on an iPhone 8 and it does have 3d touch and 3d touch on the iPhone if you don’t know is basically where you can press a little bit more firm and You can like do more options or When it comes to a situation like this when you’re drawing if you press more firm, the brush will get bigger So this stylist technically doesn’t have pressure sensitivity But when I use it on my phone it works for me If I do press harder, the brush does get bigger But that’s because of my phone so it depends varying on your device like this is from a train another Ranger and She said it doesn’t work for her and I’m gonna put on screen what she says about it But yeah, it really just depends I think on your device But also she was complaining about it doesn’t have palm rejection Which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t because that’s I’m pretty sure that’s what they said on their Amazon 2 Because I got off Amazon so I’m pretty sure they even said that but when I use it It doesn’t pick up my palm just as long as the stylus is already touching the phone first then again I don’t have I don’t it’s not a really big issue for me I Don’t touch my phone all too much when I’m actually drawing because it is a smaller screen So if you have a glove that can also fix it fix this situation and it won’t pick up your palm there either I’d say keeps up pretty well When I’m trying, um, if I draw super fast you can see it’s like slightly behind which is fine It doesn’t bother me at all. And this is how you Were to charge it you just take off the top but that has a little mesh on the stylus also and you can use this without it being charged the charge does last for a continuous work of 10 hours It only takes one hour to charge in the standby is a hundred and eighty days So it took me about three days to fully use up the charge in it And I was really excited to get it for the first time So I was using a whole bunch to turn it on you just twist the top and it might be a little bit gimmicky But I think it’s so fun. I love the little twist on the top It is a rubber tip, which means it’s not really gonna scratch your screen and on top of it it kind of helps to add a little bit of drag so when you’re drawing it’s not as Slippery I guess I can say as a more matte feel I guess because I do have a glass screen protector or so That’s another thing that if it’s not picking up too, well, maybe it’s because you have a thick screen protector Although mine does work with it except for around the edges where my screen protector is a little bit lifted off the screen So I just have to press a little bit harder and that’s very very all the way up against the edge The top of the lid is magnetic. So what it sounds like When it clips off and then also like the little little clip on the side Me and IV both like to mess with it and would just click it all day Like that the tip does press down a little bit and go in overall the stylist does work for me You saw what my friend said and I have another friend who bought it, but she hasn’t as of me making this Voiceover. She has not responded with her thoughts of the stylist If she does, I’ll put it up, but I don’t think she’s been on Instagram Lately, so yeah, I will link it below if you’re wondering, but I did just want to like give you a heads up This is the stylist. I use this is some aspects of it I want you to be aware of the downfalls it may have and You can make your own opinion. I Actually really like it again new to this. It is my first stylist and With my device it works perfectly. It is supposed to work on all touch screens But as far as the 3d touch, I don’t have to worry about that or the palm rejection I don’t have to worry about that either. So I do have it linked below if you want to make your own Assumption your own opinion about it if you want to check it out. I Got my stylist for $20, but I said right now it is $27. Oh No, here’s the finished painting. I think I came out so cute and dreamy I’m really enjoyed doing it turns out I love doing digital art with like woodsy and plants in the background Which is really good because my art tends to have a lot of plants in the background Thank you for joining me today. I hope you have a lovely day and until next time Bye