Hi guys! in this video How to make paper crafts for school 3 DIY School Supplies | Easy DIY Paper crafts ideas / Julia DIY how to make notebooks for school from paper diy notebook easy paper crafts how to make a line of paper in the form of cute cats and how to decorate easily pencils and pens diy decor pencil how to make rulers from paper creativity just for school paper crafts for school rules diy school supplies easy with paper We start – we take a cardboard size of 5.5 * 16 cm draw the silhouette of a cute cat as shown just repeat and draw now cut so cut the right amount of basics – I have 4 pieces we take colored cardboard circle around the base and cut to glue I have such 4 bases for rulers take one and turn lineup mark segments and sign the numbers draw the silhouette of a cat and repel it with a marker then glue the ruler with tape and cut off the excess paper lines are ready! easy diy paper craft diy decor pencil easy diy paper crafts ideas take the cardboard and draw the outline take a pencil and circle it on this contour cut and cut out on two, cut glue all 5 parts repeat – draw a heart so repeat – to draw a star then you can use felt, paper or foam glue on the side and then on both sides easy diy decor crafts diy notebook easy easy notebook paper crafts diy notebook paper crafts take color paper fold as shown – divide the sheet into 8 parts put down other sheets of paper place on a cutting board and cut along the fold lines take two pieces and fix with clips glue along one edge and let dry remove paper clips cut cardboard cover for notepad make folds for fold fold and glue the sheets of notepad inside to draw or outline kawaii drawings, to color cut and stick on the cover of the notebook 3 diy school supplies, easy diy paper, easy paper crafts ideas, diy paper, paper crafts ideas, diy paper crafts, Easy DIY Paper crafts ideas, diy school supplies, paper crafts, DIY Paper crafts ideas, easy paper crafts, easy diy, diy crafts, crafts ideas, Julia diy, easy diy crafts, 3 diy paper, school paper crafts, diy school supplies easy, school supplies easy, school supplies paper, paper crafts easy, paper crafts for school, crafts for school, paper crafts school