hi everybody I'm Philip Van Dusen and in this video I'm going to talk about ten ways you can make money with your graphic design skills so this is actually a request video from a Uschi Bandol who's one of my viewers and he asked me how can designers make money other than full time jobs or freelancing so i thought i'd do a video on it here are 10 ways you can make money with your graphic design skills number one license your designs the stock houses stock houses self photography but they also sell illustration icons templates you can sell your illustration your patterns you designs your icons your layouts as templates to places like Envato who buy them and then license them out number two make and sell graphic products I used to work for Old Navy where we had a gigantic seven hundred million dollar year graphic t-shirt business putting graphics on products is big business you can put graphics on just about any product and it will sell better than that product without a graphic so you can put your work on t-shirts and posters and cups you can use sites like society6 or Zazzle or cafe press to develop products like this and then sell them number three sell it street fairs just about every town large or small as a number of street fairs a year rent a booth set up your graphic products and sell them there I have a friend who's a web designer makes really nice money selling art prints and graphic designs that are framed at booths at street fairs number four video courses you can make videos of what you know capture what you know about graphic design your graphic design skills and help other people learn the same thing there's all sorts of sites like Skillshare that make offering video courses and making money from them easy number five books with digital publishing and printing on demand these days it's easier than ever to put your graphic design work or your illustration or your concepts in book form and sell it just set up an account on Amazon and you'll be ready to go number six is opt-in magnets you'll be developing content for your own website so you can gather email addresses as people give you that information in order to download your content but you can also sell that content you can sell ebooks you can sell top 10 lists you can sell resources lists you'd be amazed what people will pay for it it's going to be valuable to their design practice number 7 design fonts it's a specialized skill but there's so many platforms for selling fonts and fonts are a big business so by developing funds you can create a whole new revenue stream for yourself number 8 our freelancing sites like fiber and gig bucks it's really easy to sell your work on those sites and make some extra money number 9 is create templates you can create templates for mock-ups in Photoshop you can create templates for presentations in keynote there are a lot of people who are non creatives who really want a template to be able to create something very easily so by creating templates and then selling them it's a really great way to make extra money with your design skills number 10 is teach a course it's rewarding to teach other people what you know and there's all sorts of opportunities to teach whether that's at a university or Community College even a YMCA or a local arts organization lots of art museums also offer courses so contact some of these and see if there's an opportunity for you to develop a course and to teach others and get paid so that's it I hope you enjoyed this video on ten ways to make money with your graphic design skills if you did like it hit subscribe below so you can see my videos when they come out and visit me at Phillip Van Dusen comm slash muse and subscribe to my newsletter comes out every two weeks and I share an insight resources on graphic design and entrepreneurship and with that thanks again for watching bye for now