Hello everybody and welcome to the ten minute one minute ten second challenge. It has actually been at two and a half years since I last did this challenge and as you saw from the title this is going to be the Posca pen Edition. So I’m going to be doing this challenge using Posca pens! If you don’t know what Posca pens are, they are basically paint pens. All of that being said, let’s just get right into this video.
The ten minute one minute ten second challenge. So I’ve got all of my Posca pens here ready to go for this challenge and also a timer. So… Here we go. Let’s jump into the ten minute challenge. Okay, so. I’m scared, but to be honest looking back at- oh my gosh What am I drawing? Looking back at my challenge from two and a half years ago in 2017 it’s almost embarrassing just how little I was able to accomplish in those ten minutes. I know I’m not the quickest artist and I I’ve accepted that. I’m not like embarrassed that I’m a slow artist at this point, but the amount that I, uh, that I drew back then was such a small amount that it’s it’s it’s a little embarrassing. If you want to watch that video, it’ll be linked. So, um… Check in the description. But for now, I did think about drawing Owlina or Hatch for this this challenge this time but I was a little inspired to do something just a little bit more original instead of my original characters just because I wanted to draw something a little differently because I do draw my original characters for almost every challenge, so I wanted to do something just a little differently. So this time I’m going to be drawing a girl in a kind of like a typical Japanese high school uniform. And the reason why I’m going to be drawing that is because at the time that you’re going to be watching this video, uh, I I will be in Japan and I haven’t moved there for good. I’m I’m going to be here for only three months. I’m not- I haven’t moved here for the rest of my life. So I just I just kind of wanted a change of pace just something a little different in life. So I thought it would be really fun because I do work from home to live in Japan for three months. So as of recording this video, to be honest to be transparent, I am- I need to pump my pen. A little dry. Right now as I record this video I am in Canada, but in time when this video is posted I will be in Japan. Just kind of, uhm- Why is this pen dry?! Pen please! I should have I should have pumped all the colors I knew I was going to use just to make sure that they were, oh my gosh, moist and ready to go, but this pens like
“Nah.” “I’m gonna be dry and You can’t use me, hahaha!” “Forget your ten minute challenge!” Oh boy, okay. So what was I saying? I’m in Japan right now because I thought it would be fun and if you guys have any suggestions or any curiosities about art stores or art in Japan or art challenges related to Japan that you want to see me do feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will I will probably do them because I’m in Japan for three months! I cannot wait to do some art related to Japanese culture or manga or anime or something. I’m super excited. I’m pumped.
(Insert Posca Pen Pun here. No? Okay.) But anyways… What we are drawing today, like I said, is a girl in a Japanese school uniform because I’m super excited. I’ll be leaving days but by the time you watch this video I will have been here for a few days. But I’m super excited. So I thought I would draw a girl in a high school uniform. So the last time I did this challenge I used watercolor and it’s kind of embarrassing to look back at- Oh my gosh. …Just… Just how little I was able to accomplish in those 10 minutes of drawing. I have I have no problem admitting that I’m a very slow artist. I don’t work the fastest as far as sketching goes or just Getting my ideas out there. I am a little bit of a slower artist and I’m not embarrassed by that in particular, but… Wow, it’s just that that challenge I drew such a simple drawing and it took me ten minutes and it’s kind of sad to just to look back on but also I’m proud that I’ve been able to grow as an artist and work faster and I wouldn’t necessarily call my art more complicated compared to then but the fact that I’m able to draw something just a little more complicated in comparison to two and a half years ago in ten minutes, That’s nice. So there’s that. But also I’m working in Posca pens which I’m a little scared because they are- they can be finicky and as you saw earlier one was dry and it just didn’t want to work well but hopefully we can get, oh gosh, enough done in ten minutes.
We only have four minutes left and I still have to do a bit of coloring and some line art done. I think this challenge is definitely more meant for either alcohol markers or black and white pen drawings. Definitely maybe not for something like watercolor or Posca things that are wet and require multiple layers and colors… Oh gosh. And my paper is falling apart because the Posca pens are Eating them up. Oh no. Dear Posca pens, please stop eating eating my paper. Okay, we have three minutes. Surely. Things are a little little fast and sloppy compared to what I’m used to doing, but that’s part of the challenge right? You guys want to see some bad art. Well, here we go. This is exactly the challenge to embarrass yourself over. But hopefully I can redeem myself from last year I mean two and a half- I said last year. Two and a half years. That’s quite quite a long time. Hopefully I’ve improved since then. I think I have. Maybe not a crazy amount of improvement but some improvement nonetheless. Okay, let’s see we’ve got two and a half minutes I just have to line art surely. Surely I can do that. Let’s see. Should I give her leg hair? You guys are probably screaming “No!” “Don’t give her leg hair. That’s disgusting.” It’s kind of part of my signature is giving Females… Or female characters, rather, leg hair at this point. I think a lot of people have expected that from me. Okay, let’s see I wanted to give her… I wanted to line art her hair with red… and then the rest of her with purple. If you are familiar with my posca pen art, I do like to avoid black just because I feel like poscas, They’re so bold and colorful and fun to play around with as far as color goes. So I do like to do my best to … I guess avoid the color black because it’s just kind of sad- I’m gonna color in red. Oh gosh! Okay, we have just over a minute, oh my gosh, I feel like the pressure is on at this point. I guess I’m still a bit of a slow artist, huh? Just a minute left to do all of our Line arting. Oh geez. Okay… things are getting intense. This is where I stopped talking because things things have just gotten too much for me I can’t handle them. 41 seconds. I was like “I’ve I’ve grown as an artist I could definitely work faster!” Now I’m like “Uh oh.” “No, I can’t. I’m actually just as slow. as I was two and a half years ago.” Oh no, my line art’s sloppy! Oh no! I should have went with a more… like spotty line art. But here we are. Oh my gosh four… three… two… Oh no! Okay. I’m a cheater! WEEEE. So I wasn’t able to finish the line art but I think she still turned out pretty cute. Posca pens aren’t the quickest medium to work with… Is that an excuse? Oh for sure. But let’s move on to our one-minute drawing. You guys I am terrified. Just super scared. Let’s change our timer down to one minute. Are you ready for this disaster? Here we go. Start. Ohhh My gosh. I mean I’m just basically getting the vague idea of her down and that’s about it.
Also didn’t pre open my markers, so… This is probably a bad idea. Also, I’m just realizing that a minute’s a little bit longer than I thought it was so um, oh, oh no. Maybe we can add some line art. Oh she’s so cute, look at her. I mean she’s an abstract approach right? Super abstract, but also still cute. Oh. Beautiful! Which only means the ten second is going to be even more beautiful.l Are you ready? I’m not. Oh my goodness. Here we go. Let’s get some basic colors ready. I think that was my mistake. I just kind of jumped into it without our colors ready. I probably can’t use half of these markers but gosh darn it am I not going to try. Here we go. Ten seconds on the clock. That was a large head. Why was that head so large? I have no idea. Beautiful!! And there you have it, our Ten minute one minute ten second challenge. I mean this looks like it took one second. How did that take ten seconds? I have no idea. What I learned today is that I’m a very slow artist and ut takes time to make a good art. Is this silly and fun? Oh heck yes! So, thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this silly challenge. Again, let me know what sort of challenges or art interests you have in Japan and I will be sure to make a video about them while I am here and I’ll see you in the next video. Stay Golden! And now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, see secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more, check out my patreon by clicking the link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye! [Music]