Hello ☻ What should I draw today? First, I’ll draw a picture inside my head. When I fill it with things I like, I get a picture I like. What song is Tangerine listening to? I’m almost done sketching. Next, redraw the outline neatly. Draw it neatly and carefully. Now, I’m going to draw a cake. And I will draw a cute cat unicorn. And melt hearts nearby. Next, I’ll color it. Fill in the outline white. That way, you can’t see the background color. Now, start coloring. Make the color a bit thicker, and give it a point. Blush, too! I’ll color the headset, too. I put a cat sticker on my headset. Next, color the cake. Sprinkle the cake with glitter powder. Let’s color the cat unicorn, too. Now all I have to do is background work. Press N to adjust transparency. You can use the noose to move the desired part. I’ll color the hearts now. And then, finally, sprinkle the sparkles. Now the video is coming to an end. Thank you for watching the long video.