Aedong played sand for the first time! Eutd’s Cat Tycoon Aedong’s first toilet These days, Aedong is into playing with sand. This is a temporary toilet I bought for Black’s foot surgery. He saw his friends using it. He followed his friends into the bathroom. He can’t poop in the bathroom because of his hind legs. He went in there and couldn’t get out. Please help me. If you go in alone, come out alone. (laughs) a bad mother Next to him, Angpang is pooping. Are you pooping? Uh. as such He went into the bathroom every day. He struggled across the bathroom every day. How do I use this? You just shit on it. And cover it up. But he can’t poop when he wants to. Sigh. What he sees… These are friends who run freely. I envy you, you bastards. I want to go up there, too And then, one day. He pooped around the bathroom. No way. Please move this. Uhh! Aedong, did you poop in here? Aedong pooped in the bathroom!!! Good job, Aedong. When the shit was about to come out, I think he pooped on his way to the bathroom. For the first time, Aedong is asking for his shit. How long has he wanted to do this? I can’t stop smelling like shit. Smell He seems to be getting on my nerves outside. How do you handle that? In front of Aedong I cleaned up the shit. It’s only now that he’s out of the room with peace of mind. When Aedong’s poop fills his body, Even if he doesn’t want it, it’s pushed out. Imagine that you can’t flush after you poop all the time. It must be too hard to use the public restroom, right? It’s embarrassing. Aedong lives like that every day. So I’m ready!
A gift for clever Aedong! It’s a loose entrance. I bought a bathroom that was easy to get in. Aedong already in That’s cozy. The Rise of Black, the Troublemaker Oh, come on. I want you to go. Uh, I’m coming out. His leg’s stuck again. Now, make a playground for Aedong! I’m prepared with dust-free sand. a perfect sand beach material But there’s no dust at all. Cats must be amazing. They keep touching the sand. Oh, no. I’ll give up the desertification prevention. He has already eaten a bowl of sand. He pees before Aedong even goes in. That’s soft. This sand is dust-free and has a very good coagulation, It doesn’t absorb smell. Please refer to it Aedong is entering. (Exploring) cats actively using the bathroom today cats digging hard for sand And… Aedong plays with sand, too! Aedong has his first toilet playground! Aedong playing excitedly like a child Wow! What is it? It’s too soft. an overjoyed gesture He wants to have fun. He doesn’t know what to do first. Now I can dig sand and play. It’s still awkward, but he’s having so much fun. Black tries to challenge Aedong as he passes by. I’m busy right now! Whoever hits him or not, he seems to prefer playing with sand. Let’s get out of here. Unlike the old toilet, his legs don’t get caught! I played well. The sand is salty! Aedong goes there whenever he has time. He is crazy about playing with sand. I want to use this place. I’m in a hurry. Aren’t you coming out? Although he made the house into the Sahara Desert, I like it if you are happy. The problem is, he doesn’t come out of the veranda. hind legs He seems to have gone back in for a sand game. Gifts for Aedong will continue! Eut.d’s Cat Tycoon Go for it. Go for it. Let’s have a nice crispy snack. I may not have one eye, but I have a warm stomach. Even though I am short, I can become a smart scientist. I can’t jump high, but I’ll climb high. A righteous thief will come to you tonight. One! Two! Three! Four! No one’s gonna stop us. We are the strongest cats. EutD’s Cat Tycoon Please subscribe.