Good morning! jori. It’s been a while! The process of drawing without a grid How to self-correct the shape I studied with this picture! Today I will show you how to draw long hair with waves! Let’s get started! The video is a bit long. The hair is divided into the basic color, the dark and dark parts, and the light and dark parts are expressed. The pencil charcoal I’m using is general’s charcoal 557-HB hard. My favorite pencil charcoal! Now I’m drawing darker, narrower faces in the darker shades that are tied together. Use the eraser cut into triangle shapes. If you cut out the eraser in a triangle shape, You can erase with faces or edges for various expressions! Draw lines that overlap with the hair at the boundary from the dark side to the mid-bright side. Now we need to split the waves we’ve made into some big chunks into smaller ones. At this point, you need a plan for the mass of hair to be pulled forward and the mass of hair to be sent back. Because you can adjust the amount of description according to the plan! If you do this well, you will save a lot of work. I place a lot of emphasis on perspective. Once it’s decided, I try to create a flow of color to produce a natural shift. Sometimes the flow collapses in the process of drawing! The main reason for the collapse of the flow is the description. It is important not to miss the restrained portrayal and the point of view. It is not important to draw a few hairs that have a strong personality to stand in front of you. It is even more important to control the power of the crowd. When drawing a portrait, several pencil charcoal is trimmed and used. This is to ensure that the drawing process does not stop even if the pencil lead is broken in the middle of drawing. Make plans for how to draw while you trim the material. It is also the time to imagine the most exciting and enjoyable of the whole process of painting. Use FaberCastell Pencil Charcoal Hard to create dark colors in very narrow areas. Because each brand has slightly different charcoal darkness and smooth spreading Take advantage of these features and mix them properly. Use long pencils to draw lines that need to be drawn with very weak force. The most interesting material used to express hair is Nitram charcoal. The advantage is that you can use the thickness of charcoal as a line! I love fast and smooth hair! The charcoal I’m using now is Nitram charcoal HB. Charcoal is harder and lighter than willow charcoal, which is great for creating light tones. The hairs in this section are not described in detail. I’ll just give you a wave of soft hair. Cut the eraser into triangles to erase the bright parts of your hair. At this time, erase too sharply. The sharp eraser is erased so sharply that it is not used yet. For a soft light tone, cut the eraser and use the cut edges to erase it. Remove it with an eraser and rub it with your hand to adjust the tone. If the brightness is constant, it can look distracting and the three-dimensional feeling is easy to collapse! I used Nitram charcoal only B but I bought H and HB this time and I am very satisfied! I’m planning to use it when drawing very light tones. I use Nitram charcoal H to create more bright tones. If you use it in areas that are too dark or too bright, It helps to make a soft impression. FaberCastel PITT natural charcoal is rich in color, making it ideal for dark hair. However, you don’t use it on the wide side, but only if you want to make other charcoal colors look brighter. Sharpen the charcoal to sharpen the finish. Now use the Sharp Eraser to erase the bright parts of the hair that are sticking out. Often cut and used with a knife for sharp lines. When drawing a few protruding strands of hair that can be a decorative element in the painting Control your breathing and draw slowly and carefully. I use Nitram charcoal H, which is sharply trimmed, to create a lighter skin tone. Detailed description of the lip is drawn with general’s charcoall 557-HB hard. The teeth in my mouth don’t draw too clearly! I don’t express whites too white in my eyes. Three-dimensional representation is more important. Whites can look bright enough because they look contrasted with the color of the eyes! Adds detail to the protruding parts in three dimensions and reduces the amount of detail into the dark contrast. It creates a space for the viewer to imagine and that space is a comma for me! Don’t try to explain everything. Eye highlights use white pastel colored pencils. I hope you had a good time today Please support me with “Subscriptions and likes” See you next time ^^