If subtitles overlap, please press the maximize button. I will draw guide line, rough drawing, line drawing. Please refer to the video of the “How to draw the Line Drawing” about line drawing. I will paint base color, please refer to the “About Color Scheme” video. When you paint base color. Let’s open the “Layer window” and tap the “Add Layer” under the line drawing. I will create the color in the “Color window”. I painted base color with the “Bucket tool”. Put the line drawing layer at the top. Put the fill layer underneath the line drawing layer. By separating Hair, Skin, Clothes, and Eyes with layers, it is easy to modify and paint. I will paint the shadow on the skin thinly. Add a layer on top of the skin layer and turn on the “Clipping”. You can paint a thin shadow by lowering the “Layer Opacity”. Put the color in the place where it becomes a shadow such as between hair. After putting the color, open the “Tool Selection window” and blur with the Blur tool. Instead of blurring it all, let’s partially blur it. When blurring everything, the whole sharpness disappears so it is a point to slightly blur. I will paint shadows, cheeks and highlights. Add layers in the same way, and then paint slightly darker shadow and blur them with blur tool. Open the “Brush window” and paint the cheek with the “Airbrush (Normal)”. You can express skin with elasticity by highlighting. Complete! Thank you for your watching!