Welcome to the Wow Nails design channel! As promised, in this video I will show how easy and quickly paint with gel polishes a sprig or bunch of lavender. We will need gel polishes: black neon yellow bright blue purple pale lilac, white, black and purple and
drop of top to blur dilute color. I’ll show the first option – if our background is a little dark – This is neither white nor bed.
Such a coffee, a bit dark. Then we make a white substrate from the top and white gel polish. So they lie more smoothly. We make such an undercurrent. Dry each layer of color for 5-10 seconds. mix neon yellow and black it turns out so dark green. draw leaves, draw a stem. like undermining – their outline. A leaflet, the tip of a twig, we also set a little green specks. slightly dried, a few seconds. I’ll put green paint on the guides so that I can see where to draw the petals I wipe the brush on a regular wet towel and set such petals
like a pigtail they are against each other dried dried for a few seconds and already
darker purple add black and purple in the previous our color and
we deliver from below petals under our previous
somewhere is missing if gel polish add the cucumbers to dry
drooling can draw a little brighter our center stalk is brighter you highlighting
if you need somewhere a little more and yellow added it turns out we have such a
already bright green is our very dark add bright green such spots
mix our purple with white and it turns out so light
lego and remind each layer of color
dry and draw on our previous petals
so still small bulkiness with our color is also seen as
they stood out mix blue with our whether the army of lavender is just
add a little blue color specks
a little bit on some flowers I will dry a few seconds with a twig
finished now about drawing a butterfly do dark purple under my teach
I outline butterflies in form somewhere wings half such
butterflies with complex wings for two winglet and 3 little bit
the top cover will look where the paunch and the theme of dark purple
paint is not necessarily super evenly
make pan marek just dried him five ten seconds to draw it
pale colorful pancake lilac and pancake such butterflies would have lived such a corner
pattern on the beams to get it the tip we get the lower wing
pale blue veins our winglet turns out more voluminously
the edges are dark the center is bright at the wings and we type
black draw a pose to our butterflies she’s right black and black can
duplicate life a couple of times with a forelock wings at the base
the day from the search is held together and here too we have a butterfly looming
thin brush white gel polish and what brushes in detail
description under video put dots here so cute
facial expressions with a thin brush like a hair dried
take a few seconds also black draw a gel varnish with a thin brush
tendril we are a little bit most wings
can outline for clarity and twig with a butterfly we are ready and I will show on this
gradient blue lilac degrease gel polish nail then remove the stickiness
mix the top with lilac gel polish do under the boy here we don’t
white undermath because us background itself fair enough
bleached such acts under the boy we don’t need here and set the top and
gel polish color so it turns out more just such a watercolor is blurred
technique purple such instruct blue spots blur them
so there was no clear planning this is ours undermining so that our bouquet looks
voluminous fluffy volume do not mix live brightly and neon yellow with black and
draw dark green under the boy of our twigs
dry each layer of color again 10 seconds to fix
so that it’s easier and your color doesn’t strip us mixed with the previous one again with this brush
dvoechka such mask min leave the petals of the twig are like a pigtail
opposite each other such petals and valinki they go to decrease to
at the end of the branch they are cozy Minskers if it’s inconvenient to draw right away like that
twig direction you go astray then can do hand draw style
with a pencil to set the direction those twigs
so as not to be confused where we have what branches I visually eye just do it but
if you get uneven you can simply use an ordinary pencil
draw in the direction of the twigs just a little bit of blue mix and
in the summer it is presented by the tips of these twigs add such blue petals
dried and then light purple pale so lilac little white
adds a case of volume with this leaflet but in white it should not be thick
somewhere I got a thick I’m spreading the erosion cube to make it
such glare I get on our petal so they become surround
visually more magnificent on tusks and more realistic is the petals of us
ready with the same brush
it turns out a little more black more dark green we draw our
lavender leaflets eavesdrop a few seconds and already
thin brush hair dark dark green almost black draw such
like branches we will have them the stalks of twigs were visible
over leaflets you can leaflet but on the one hand only what we have
we don’t circle the leaves so we can only emphasize here we have loomed
add white to our twigs dark green turns so pale
lettuce to him we do volume with attach volume us our leaf este bitter
we carry out from any one country on a sprig quite a few pieces 4 5 of these
the line will be wide I brush this leaf with a brush
pretty gel polish or rather now having dried on 6 binks we draw
dark purple tie these are two paint the loops optionally so that
she painted over was cast such as
since that’s how it turns out to be a brush it turns out just the opposite, even such
volumetric bow ribbon and draw such mix the same bow with
with white we get a pale lilac draw the excess wipe
wet draw a black napkin as if on our nodules and on these
loops only on top thereby giving volume
us to our bow also at the ends of our ribbon bow
we add volume from also dried the bow is ready and I will show the next
option on just a white background all the same principle we repeat
mix like that a little yellow and black get dark green in
In principle, everything is the same as in previous we have a bunch of twigs
but I repeat here on white without these under we immediately draw a boy
do Dubrovsky mix our twigs purple lilac length slightly lighter
thin with top and super boy why with the top so that he was so gentle
the blurry color of our bouquet of ours twigs
blue boy adding and stirring how to blur the top a little lower
darker specks are dried for 5 seconds and now I draw these petals there
lilac violet is still quite bright saturated draw such a pigtail co2
our petals I said you can draw these stems like
guides of our twigs advance pencil cum or
just hold them poor little paint further
purple add the shadow below petals closer to the stems
brush when they change color from a tyrant wet napkin adding a little blue little blue
Fifteen in our sand such that not were of different shades especially on
the tips they change the color I choose dark dark green paint on
somewhere here are just a little leaflets in draw leaflets each color each its own
color dry and mix lilac with white is harmful to lilacs and walk through
some petal me straight for each give volume to these bright
dry with such petals on a thin brush gains dark green
and spend circling without a point to reach component on one side only
visually add bulk we draw spots stalks are thick I can remove
to erase if somewhere something superfluous is wrong not drawn until dried, you can
just losing with a wide brush clean and now mix with dark green dried
previous layer dark green with white gel polish and such a harmful salad
it turns out I draw stems give them bulkiness and then do not immediately draw
the answer is that they are voluminous the more colors the more realistic and
I don’t look at the texture on the dark brush give black and purple
mixing and it turns out so blue purple black color and draw
our tie up ribbon rope one tip 2
I draw quite tightly drying 5 10 seconds and pale lilac
I spend on this ribbon without going beyond the edges add bulk to our ribbon
immediately obvious waiting for a tie right here I’ll add a little more white in the center and
on top a little bit more white there is more textured
and I’m not drying, I’ll add a little purple so melt such a ribbon was
beautiful with color transition to the edges our tie up members were better
our blue ink draw here these ends are the edges and after that
deserve a drawing one minute overlapping top
I overlap with a matte top because under it is better, it is possible to see better all tiny details of the drawing. Our alternative to slides is ready!
And the necessary colors gel varnishes always have every master always at hand and easily can be drawn again.
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